"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


While my guitar gently weeps

Guess what?
I just got an electric guitar!
My parents gave me as a present for my upcoming birthday...and i am so amazed!!
I am already imagining myself as a member of
a cool indie group
(Oh yes, Agy and Alexa, beware
with your boyfriends 'cause i'm coming! hehehe)...

but the truth is i can't still play anything!

Well, actually i do some kind of version of Seven Nation Army and Smoke on the water...and i'm seriously working on Nirvana's Come as you are...

My guitar looks like this...it's an imitation of a Fender

So i'm longing to learn more and more, i practically eat with the guitar!

Do anyone of you play electric guitar? How did you learn?
and....is it too difficult?

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laia. dijo...

ooooh so cool!
its not too difficult! there are tons of guitar tabs online that you can figure out super easy.

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) dijo...

Hey, congrats! I have the Fender version of that guitar, same colour and everything :)
Have lots and lots of fun learning how to play!

La Fille dijo...

A few years ago, I bought a acoustic guitar. It was my dream to play electric guitar, but at that moment I couldn't afford one. (I don't want to scare you) but after a year I quit. But that wasn't because it was too difficult or something! just because I didn't had much time to practise.

Good luck and keep practise!!
I'm sure you will become the new female-santane or something.


Héloïse J. dijo...

i luv the sound of electric guitar. i find it sexy!! great present!

Angela dijo...

before moving out, my family forbid me to learn to play more instruments. they had to live through flute and violin and that was enough...: ) i guess i am not going to make it as a musician.

WendyB dijo...

I took lessons forever but never practiced so I didn't get very good.

Anónimo dijo...

first of all, kudos for the title of your post...one of my all-time favorite beatles songs. as for playing the guitar, i taught myself how to play with books and online tutorials pretty easily. you can learn simple chords and then play classic songs...one of my favs is 'brown eyed girl.' lemme know how it goes!

Danz dijo...

Oh congrats to you! It's great that you got something you really wanted! I hope you have tons of fun with it :D

hidzume dijo...

Practice, practice, practice.. thats all I can say.. I've played bass guitar before.. but I'm too busy to practice so I'm not very good :(



Boho chic dijo...

I don't know how to play gutar, don't know anything about them, but I'd LOVE to have one!

Guirec Munier dijo...

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Unknown dijo...

Thats so cool!! I'm jealous!!

Miby dijo...

Felicidades!! What a nice present! I'm sure you will enjoy loads playing with it! :)

Andrea Martínez Maugard dijo...

I don't know how to do it but my boyfriend does it and it sounds amazing!

Vain and Vapid dijo...

Wow, congratulations and good luck with it...

Brian and Beth Jones dijo...

I love your blog, and have linked you up on my site! Would you be interested in adding my site to your blogroll?

Ella Gregory dijo...

My younger brother does. I would never try. I once played violin, it was bad!

Anónimo dijo...

i like you guitar

Hummingbird dijo...

i´ve got come as you are in my flash fetish! go for it blonde, i´m sure you´ll make it! many xx!

Bente dijo...

My 3 brothers and one of my sisters play electric guitar! They say it isn't difficult to learn

Annabel dijo...

oooh exciting! I have an amazing PRS red guitar... i dont really play much though!


I love Alexa <3
Thanks for your comments!! Making collages are so fun to me, and it's great to hear people like them in my blog. :) I use them as desktops sometimes too! ♥


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Terren dijo...

still can't believe alexa is half chinese. she doesn't look it at all to me.

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