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Become a Superheroine With This BVL Leather Cuffs

First was Luella Bartley, then Philip Lim and Hervé Leger.
Now Benedikt Von Lepel takes a step further in the recent infatuation fashion designers have
with comic strips and creates this cool leather cuffs which are absolutely WonderWoman worth it.

Do you love them too?
You can get them at CARATIME.COM, there are several styles
to choose from which will assure you'll give your look a powerful twist.


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Keyti Villanueva dijo...

wow !
i love these cuffs !
amazing .

followed your blog
through gfc and bloglovin dear .

Jexika Lyter dijo...

hi hun, I found your comment on my blog, and I'm there for be your new follower, cool blog and style..

xoxo jexika lyter


Anthea Sanna dijo...

Great blog!
Would you like follow each other?
Write on my blog if you want...

Anna Santese dijo...

very nice^_^
i'm new your follower^^
best regards from Italy^_*

Grazziella dijo...

Great stuffs :)

Bisous from FRANCE

Mélanie. dijo...

Thank you. :)

Nesrin Bozlak dijo...

These are just gorgeous. Thhanks for sharing!



Kelly Ann dijo...

Very cool! I actually did a post earlier this week about cuffs- love them!

Sparkles and Shoes

Winnie dijo...

hahahaha, these are cool!!


livlovelaugh dijo...

oooh~ They seem really cool!


Diana Marks dijo...

They look awesome!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Anna is Bambi dijo...

thank you for visiting my blog and comment <3 Your site is so amazing and inspiring <3

Mirror of Fashion dijo...

Oh wauw those are so cool! Must haves!

Lali pops of colour dijo...

they are cute <3
thanks so much for your comment.
I love your blog.
I followed you with GFC and Bloglovin. I would love if you could follow me back <3

Lali pops of colour

Patti dijo...

hello! i like your blog! im following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, if you like my blog, follow me back please! XoXo


Екатерина Адаменко dijo...

So cool)

menopausal mama dijo...

These cuffs are cute!

life is style dijo...

great blog :)
you have a new follower..kisses

The Fashion Milkshake dijo...

Great post!

wOW that looks so cool !!


MM dijo...

They are just great!! Love them!!

Have a super week!!


Jeans and a Teacup dijo...

Those look really fun!

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