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Black dresses: a women’s wardrobe staple

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Black dresses are a staple in most women's wardrobes. But why are they so popular? Well. They're simple, versatile and most of the time, classy (one of teh exceptions being Liz Hurley in that black Versace dress, although arguably, it put her on the map).

The Little Black Dress

Most women own a little black dress (LBD). Black is a very flattering colour and there are so many stules out there to choose from. Whatever your figure, you are certain to find one which suits your shape. For those who want to cover up, opt for longer lengths and modest necklines. If your arms are wobbly, choose dressed with sleeves or wear a jacket. If you want to flash a bit more flesh, take the hem above the knee or plunge the neckline. Don't do both though - too much flesh on show isn't flattering on anyone.

For the very daring, body con, cut outs and mesh panelling are all just itching to be explored. But easy tiger; pick your LBD carefully as it will probably be with you for a while. Because it's timeless, any woman of any age can wear one. A slight tweak here or there and your LBD is suitable for your Gran.

The best thing about little black dresses is that you can wear them more than once. No one will notice if you wear it several times in a row. At the end of the day, it's just a black dress, right? Use accesories to adapt the outfit depending on the event; use shawls, necklaces, bags or shoes to add a touch of colour. You could also add a string of pearls for a really glamorous Audrey Hepburn style, or go all alternative and dig out your red converse. You'll look like you splashed a new outfit every time.

Work to Play

It's Friday and you're planning on hitting happy hour after work with your colleagues. You want to be smart for work, because  of course, you're a professional. But you also want to be comfortable once you're shoehorned into that overheated, packed out pub your boss loves so much. Why not wear a crips white shirt under your LBD? Add some opaque's in the winter months. Then once you're in the pub, make your excuses, whip off your shirt and tights and hey prestp - you're ready to party.

So whether you're hitting a club or doing a presentation at work, there's a huge selection of black dresses out there for a number of different occasions. Just steer clear of safety pins.

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