"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


QUIZ: How common was your style this AW ?

Back in the day, fashion used to be something just accesible to the insiders and the big spenders. But along came the high street stores with their trendy clothes and low prices, and made all and every single of us a raging fashionista. But wait, are we all as original and unique as we think?
Stop and recapitulate, how many times have you walked passed a girl wearing at least 2 garments of the same style you were wearing this season? If you shop where the rest of us shop, probably too many times to keep track of. That's why this quiz will help you measure it.

Open your wardrobe, make an act of contrition and sum up the points!


Keep adding points to your score everytime you find yourself guilty of owning/buying/wearing/lusting any of these garments. For example: If you have a beanie, that's 5 points. BUT, if you have an oxblood beanie, that'd be 5 + 5 = 10 points!







0 - 35
Either you cheated, either I don't know what you've been wearing this whole season.
If you've managed to buy new clothes this season and look fabulously fashionable, I take my hat off.
You should become a stylist, wait, call me first and help me sort out my wardrobe.

36 - 75
Seems like you have it under control. You might have found a balance between what is on
trend and what you wear, but stop and think again. Isn't most of the people going to get this score?
As this quiz was about how original you were, I'm afraid this is the lowest punctuation.

76 - 110
Jackpot! Bingo! The highest score! Is that you or is it a mannequin in Primark's window shop?
There's not a high street trend that can escape from your hands... or your closet! Do you take pictures of all your looks? Because I'd venture to say the best explanation for this score is that you are an egoblogger.

3 comentarios:

Unknown dijo...

Cute quiz ;o)... XOxo V.V.

Potterific dijo...

this quiz made me smile :)
it's so true though. The current trends are so easy to get either because can be achieved with diy or get cheaper pieces in shops like primark. I only got a 5 but if you had added studded slippers or anything velvet + oxblood that would've been a different story eheh

Sharon Cotton dijo...

I am using a very effective but quite hard technique to look unique and stylish. Half of my wardrobe is consists of custom made clothes especially jeans, almost all my jeans are custom fit jeans. I know it took too many efforts but in the end, your garments are non-replicatable.

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