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UO Spring / Summer '11 Lookbook

Everybody likes Urban Outfitters, and everybody likes spring and summer.

As always, this seasons bring floral and spotted patterns, bright colours, jeans and lovely dresses!

So take a look at the lookbook for this
upcoming days of good weather 
and if you're one of the lucky ones with a store in your city... go get it!
(If you're not, go get it on the website!)

Blouse on the left is pretty amazing, both cut and colour

Clothes in bloom
Jeans Shorts, it's not summer without them
I think these outfits are good ideas for festivals...
A touch of colour can make an outfit look completely unique
I always get obsessed with dots when the new collections start arriving to the shops!
Blouse+Turban+Shorts: Win
And that dress is just simply perfect

And well, black is always the new black!


Kinga Burza

So, no. This is no another post about some very stylish girl with loads of clothes and pictures you'd kill for (though it could be).
This is about Kinga Burza, a very talented video director.

She started making making amateur videos for her then boyfriend Sydney musician Jack Ladder and many other friends.
Since then she's made videos for many bands, like M. Craft, Kate Nash, The Teenagers, The Rakes, The Thrills, Calvin Harris, Ladyhawke, James Blunt, Will Young, La Roux, Noisettes, The Pierces, Peaches, Hole, Patrick Wolf...

You've probably seen many of the videos she's made and have been delighted by the amazing aesthetic she creates, but i'm pretty sure the video everybody's seen is I Kissed A Girl, from Katy Perry.

It reached  No.1 on the BillBoard charts.

Promo Magazine has dubbed Kinga to be among 'the next wave of up-and-coming directors' while both I-D and Dazed and Confused Magazine have also run features on her.

She was nominated Best New Director at the CAD Awards in 2007 and won a Young Gun award for Music Video Direction for Kate Nash's "Foundations" in 2007.

I did discover her watching videos of Marina & The Diamonds. I was amazed by the Hollywood video, it's very into the american spirit, it's exactly what you feel like watching when you listen to the song!

The other video i adored was Oh No!

It has a colourful aesthetic, very pop, and perfect costumes!!

As an article i've read says:

"Kinga's videos exist in strange spaces. Familiar seeming homes become something more than lifelike, childhood romances seem hauntingly universal and the world is soaked in colour treatments that make sets appear like bleached polaroids on one hand and fantastical sweet shops on the other. She brings to sets an eye for the perfect prop, the well-placed splash of light, the perfect amount of clutter."

Not only she makes music videos, among her work you can also find a fashion film for Kate Spade NY, a 60 minute long film installation for 2manydjs' forthcoming online radio station, Radio Soulwax.

Lately, Kinga's been working on a short film, as her blog confirms
.Can't wait to watch it!

If you want to
check more of her
videos and know
more about her,
here's her
Partizan official site.


Oh! And finally, gossip fact!! She was dating James Righton, from the Klaxons...

And just in case you need more reasons to envy her more, here you have this picture, in which you can find (from left to right):

Steffan Halperin, Alexa Chung, Alex Turner, Jamie Reynolds, Simon Taylor-Davis, Mark Ronson, James Righton and Kinga Burza.
Classic sunday, isn't it?


We're going to come back !

Hello everyone!

It's been such a long time since the last time i wrote here. I hope you all have been doing great, i'm sorry for my absence.

I've been making some changes, as you can see. Changes won't be just in the look of the blog, i guess i'll be changing a bit contents as well, though always keeping the music&fashion inspiration as much as i can.

I hope you like them, and, well, i'll start again soon!

Take care and it'll be great to hear from you!
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