"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Gaultier Couture goes Amy

Jean Paul Gaultier with a model in the backstage.

Jean Paul Gaultier declared that, in his opinion, Amy Winehouse was the woman of the year. So the designer has paid tribute to the sweeping singer in Paris. Eyeliner, polo shirts or pencil skirts couldn't not be present; and given that it's Gaultier, the collection went a little Madonna in some bits.

But let's not forget it was an Haute Couture show, it was Amy's Gaultier version.
This means it paired her british streetstyle with the french high fashion, her trashy pin-up inspiration with precious materials, the teddy girl with the corsets.

First look of the show

 It is clear that Amy Winehouse has had quite an influence on fashion sector, her very personal style has been source of inspiration for many editorials, trends and outfits; she even collaborated with Fred Perry and designed a capsule collection herself. She's an icon, after all.


You can't always get what you want...

...but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.

And Rolling Stones were right.
Still lusting after the last season's most hyped pieces?
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Elke Sommer and Crochet

German actress and sex symbol Elke Sommer seemed to love crochet and lace.
I realised it when, after finding this picture of her playing petanque in Cannes Festival,
I decided to make more research about this beautiful blonde.

Elke Sommer playing petanque.
Photographer: Paul Schutzer
Cannes Festival (1962)

Black and white pictures from Tamahine (1963)


Sunny Afternoon

It's a fact, I have a soft spot for retro inspired spreads. That's why this one from L'Officiel Paris,
(which also has an amazing cover in the style with Chanel Iman) attired my attention so much.

L'Officiel Paris
photographer: Alexander Neumann
stylist: Vanessa Bellugeon
model: Luisa Bianchin


Dance You Fools

Video from FLY16x9 for Maison Martin Margiela

Director: Alex Antitch
Stylist: Annett Monheim
Music: Melanie Safka


We belong in a movie

When I made the resume about this season's campaigns I didn't include Jil Sander's;
partly because it didn't fit in any of the categories I selected - well, in the Retro ones it does - ,
partly because it's one of the most original ones this Spring 2012.

Natasha Poly and Daria Strokous, photographed by William Vanderperre, look like troubled characters of a classic horror movie, I would even say like Hitchcock movies inspired women. Of course, this season is the precise moment that Raf Simons has decided to move on, locating his inspiration in the mid-century modern design movement. Jil Sander show relentlessly pursued an elegance that was fifties in appearance.


Sources: 1 & 2


Prada, Baudelaire and the Actors

Half East Berlinesque, half Parisien, Prada Menswear F/W 2012 was worth a post, even though I normally don't write much about men fashion. Not only the tailoring, fabrics and style were impeccable, the Milan show featured great stablished actors among the models, such as Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Gary Oldman, Timothy Roth (who slipped a smile)... Miuccia Prada welcome the applauses and the great ovation all the assistants gave to this magnificent designer.

She described this collection as a “historical memory” and "a way to express male vanity". And I found it also an hybrid between a powerful and serious man - represented by the oversized coats and military inspiration- and a dandy. The dandy claiming an aristocracy of spirit that should be reflected in external appearance. As Baudelaire would say "dandyism as the last flicker of heroism in decadence". This part of the inspiration would be represented by the dressing gowns and pocket squares.

Ultimately, a collection for men with strong character, long-standing style and an inner status struggle.
If you want to watch the whole runway:

 Images source: The Sartorialist


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Ladies Prefer Pink Dresses

Marilyn Monroe, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

William Travilla's design for Marilyn Monroe in that film has been the inspiration for dressed during years and years. Some of them as succesful as Madonna's Material Girl video, which was more of a reproduction of the scene in that same movie than a mere reference.

Madonna, "Material Girl"

Also actresses, and... yes, actors, choose this kind of dress to attend galas. Like drag James Franco presenting The Oscars or Natalie Portman's Lanvin choice for the Golden Globe 2012 Awards.

Natalie Portman, Golden Globes 2012
James Franco, The Oscars 2011


Posing Tips

Tired of saying over and over the standard "cheese" when somebody approaches with a camera?
There are some other options you may want to consider to change your visage
in the pictures who'll fill your albums from now on:

#1. Olsen sisters technique consists of saying "prune" when the picture is being taken.

#2. Photographer Irving Penn‘s advised his models to say "Thursday" right before he took their photo.


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Rookie Playlist: All That Glitters

If I just had had such good music taste when I was a teenager as they have in Rookie Magazine...

Sweeten your high school days and dreams about what you'll do
when you runaway with some of the glam rock finest tracks.

"A glam playlist for cosmic dancers, suffragettes, and foxes on the run. Let all the children boogie"


2012 Spring Campaigns

All of the 2012 Spring campaigns are starting to see the light these days,you can realise some patterns or some frequents people among them, like Natasha Poly or Mert&Marcus. But I've gone through all of them, picked the ones I liked the most and classified them in 2 types: the retro and the outdoors ones.

Daria Strokous and Kati Nescher enjoy their ice cream in sugary sweet looks portrayed by Steven Meisel.

Natasha Poly brings out her Pin-up side with this brilliant collection. Crop tops help to be a sexy secretary.

A gas station is the perfect place to wear the car motif clothes. Again Natasha Poly, by Steven Meisel.

Sun-drenched girls in flower prints. Betty Draper would want one of those dresses.

Very original campaign by Karl Lagerfeld. Clasically dressed Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls practise gymnastics by the sea.

Valentino's ethereal muses wander in their dreamy dresses portrayed by Turbeville.

Bianca Balti and Monica Belluci are part of this traditional Southern Italian family enjoying Sundays.

Another Italy inspired campaign. This time Juergen Teller photographs Kasia Strauss in Spanish inspired clothes, the most elegant tourist Rome has seen.

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