"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


The Sartorialtwist

Only for those who dare to go beyond fashion,
for those who ask for more when they check the best streetstyle outfits,
for those who make mix & match their bible...

For all of you, The Sartorialtwist,
a website who will provide you with radical inspiration


Who cares about the September issues?

When we already have the Vogue Japan cover for October

In case you didn't recognise her ( it took me a while actually), Florence Welch is the one in charge to embody the very suitable title "Music Meets Style" , portrayed by omnipresent Karl Lagerfeld.


You may have the body, but do you have the song?

It's not the first time I share a video from a Metronomy song with you,
but believe me, it's worth watching it.

Directed by David Wilson
Filmed in Torquay, Devon


My Generation

Mod inspired, styled by Grace Coddington, a bit of 60's is always good to start the week!

Vogue US September 2011

Models: Natalia Vodianova, Sam Riley

 Photography:  Mert & Marcus



8 bit Fashion

Inspired by the retro 8-bit graphic, Fashionary has mixed the pixels with some of the most iconic latest collections from different fashion houses...

Want to play?
Try to guess who are these pieces from before reading the name.
If you want to know the solution, select the black area below the illustrations...
Good luck!







"Childhood Is Like a Loaded Gun"

Just got back from my holidays. While I get used to normality again and still try to keep enjoying summer, I leave you some pictures from Latvian photographer Ilze Vanaga;
which I found suiting for my mood these days.
Hope you like them!


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