"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


It Couple Alert: Miles Kane & Suki Waterhouse

For those who miss the Alex Turner & Alexa Chung or the Albert Hammond & Agyness Deyn days,
dry your tears and prepare your stalker kit, we have a new It Couple in town.

Suki Waterhouse and Miles Kane have just arrived to fill that musician-model couple emptiness we had in our hearts. And how stylish they look... We can't wait to see more pics of cuddly well dressed people.


The 90s Are Already Vintage

The denim shirt, Versace's Gianni years, Dr Martens, the sportswear trend, Britpop...
Read the article by Blonde Hair Blue Jeans editor about how we are all about the 90s lately HERE.

Click the image to read the whole article.


Photography Friday: Paris Was A Funfair

All images by Frank Bohbot, freelance French photographer with an exquisite talent
for taking a cinematographic inspiring shot of even abandoned train stations or theatres.


Dazed Magazine: Baby's on Fire

I am lately amazed by the covers Dazed & Confused Magazine are producing.
This will be the cover for the Feed Your Head issue, released on July 12.
Shot by Kacper Kasprzyk and styled by Robbie Spencer, the image is... how to say it?
Oh yes, burning hot.


DIY: The Shred Sweater

Get some inspiration from this streetstyle picture from STREETFSN and give a new life to
that old sweatshirt forgotten transformating it into a cool top with the easiest DIY ever.

If you don't feel too confident about cutting clothes, you can turn the sweatshirt inside out and draw the
parallel lines with a ruler and a pencil so you know where to cut with the scissors. And then, rip it up!


Herve Leger Resort 2013: What Modern Superheroines Would Wear

If our cities were endangered by some evil sociopath with world-ruling aspirations, we would rely
on superheroes for our salvation. But gone are the days of Black Widow, Storm and Emma Frost.

Nowadays we would be saved by stylish superheroines who would swap their latex unitards for
body concious bandage-strip dresses. Herve Leger would definitely be their favourite designer,
allowing them to look sharp and still be comfortable enough to save the world on a daily basis.
The Resort 2013 Collection in particular, with vibrant colours and shades of metallic, looks like
the perfect match for any warrior woman. Even those sunglasses can work as a mask!

For more comic inspired fashion, click here.


American Apparel's Cinema in Paris

The hype clothing manufacturer, best known for their solid-colour basics, is opening a pop-up store
in one of the city's biggest cinema complexes. This shop, lodged in the gallery space at the MK2 Bibliothèque, will be open from June 15 until September 15 and will combine films and shopping.
What else do you want, Parisians?


How To Take a Backstage Nap by Daphne Guinnes

Eccentric fashion icon Daphne Guinnes is, apparently, human and  gets very tired like all of us.
She was serving as a judge at the 21st Annual Fashion Graduate Gala and aparently fatigue took over her. But don't you think she's a common mortal. The first thing I would have done would have been taking off those tricky heel less Alexander McQueen shoes. Daphne didn't. She took a very stylish nap curled up in a corner, looking much more like a modern art exhibition installation than a common tired girl.


Footballer Wives

 V Magazine made this editorial for their issue #66 in thought of the last Football World Cup,
so now that the European Championship 2012 is all over the news, i thought of recovering it.

The 12 page spread mimics the gossip tabloids full of paparazzi shots of the footballer wives.
You can see great models like Dree Hemingway, Eniko Mihalik, Alessandra de Ambrosio, Maryna Linchuk or Constance Jablonski covered in fake tan, few clothes and the worst stylisms impersonating sensations of the gossip world. It is a funny tribute to the superficial and gaudy stereotypical footballer wife, and though the result may not be considered high fashion, I take my hat off to the team who came up with this idea and executed it. They demonstrated that if fashion magazines stop taking themselves so seriously, they can take a step further and create genius photoshoots which are not always inspired by something highbrow and artistic.


Stella McCartney's Resort 2013 Garden Party

As she did last year, Stella McCartney has held an enchanting garden party in New York to
present her Resort 2013 Collection. Surrounded by balloons, models and guests mingled and
enjoyed darts, croquet, a music band and many other entertaining activities in the style of a fun
fair. In this delightful atmosphere, they could see the playful new pieces by the English designer.


Rumours Confirmed: Maison Martin Margiela upcoming collaboration with H&M

Yesterday we were hearing the rumours all over the internet, today they have been confirmed.
After the excess of the collaboration with Versace, the Swedish high street company H&M
announces their next collaboration will be with unconventional Maison Martin Margiela.

Little is known -as it is usual with Maison Martin Margiela and its ultradiscreet trademark- about how the collection will be apart that it will be launched on November 15th in selected stores worldwide. Surely this
will result in one of the most interesting and avantgarde team works H&M has been involved in since they started joining forces with high profile designers to bring high end fashion closer to its lovers on a budget.

Maison Martin Margiela is one of the most important and influential fashion houses of the past three decades. I am so excited by this collaboration which will give fashion lovers around the world the chance to wear special pieces by Maison Martin Margiela. This collaboration will be a great and memorable fashion moment“, says Margareta van den Bosch, H&M’s creative advisor.


Weekly Buy: Bird Earrings

Doing my weekly scan of high street stores, I have realised that birds are becoming a common theme
for jewelry. But it is not the classic silver/bronze eagle I am talking about, but more tropical species.
After a canary ruling a social network and some angry birds starring a famed game - as well as some dresses-, prepare yourself to become an expert ornithologist.

Get them here:    Owls    Parrots    Flamingo    Toucan

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A Model's Match

Models get invited to so many events and always manage to be among the most stylish guests. You just
need to look at them at the Veuve Clicquot's 5th Annual Polo Classic to realise they are another breed.

Nacho Figueras - polo champion, face of Polo Ralph Lauren and cohost of the event
celebrated in Liberty State Park NY- said: “There’s something magical about the way
people dress up for this event.” But I still think these girls do it better.

 Maybe it is because they are used to display the most amazing fashion on a daily basis so it becomes a part of them, or maybe it is just because you need to have that style to become a model. Eitherway, they glow.


BHBJ writes for TheLookHit

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Diane Von Furstenberg's Fetish Box Clutch

After this year's MET Gala tribute to Elsa Schiaparelli, eveybody is bringing their surrealist side on.

Diane Von Furstenberg, a master of pairing Surrealism and fashion herself -as she demonstrated
with the dress she worn for the MET Gala this year-, presents this Autumn a limited edition of nine
models which will be avalaible in her boutiques from September.


God Save Britannia

Keeping with the British mood from some previous posts - mainly due to all the Jubilee celebrations-,
I wanted to share this editorial from L'Officiel Paris. Though this photoshoot by Alexander Neumann
might find its inspiration in the recent wave of Britishness the Coronation has caused, it surprinsingly doesn't fall into the same easy stereotypes other features fall into and works out some intriguing stylisms. The right amount of Union Jacks, boyish chic, clash of fabrics and inner Brit coolness on a very enjoyable display.


The Rodnik Band: London Clothing

Telephone booth coat, OVS Collection

Philip Colbert is the Scottish designer behind playful The Rodnik Band fashion label.
His latest AW13 collection "It's Corgi Time" - full of doubledecker and black taxi bags, teacups and
other British motifs- has benefited from all the Jubilee hype we are going through these days. Looking through his other collections, it is easy to compare him with French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and American designer Jeremy Scott for the strong sense of fun his clothing possesses.

But this designer doesn't only make fashion, he is also involved in song writing and video making, he is a perfect mix of fashion, music and art. You know you have to love him when you read in the label's website that in the studio they listen to "The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Public Image Ltd and Marcel Duchamp lectures" and the Rodnik band woman "has the spirit of a young Peggy Guggenheim".

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