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Herve Leger Resort 2013: What Modern Superheroines Would Wear

If our cities were endangered by some evil sociopath with world-ruling aspirations, we would rely
on superheroes for our salvation. But gone are the days of Black Widow, Storm and Emma Frost.

Nowadays we would be saved by stylish superheroines who would swap their latex unitards for
body concious bandage-strip dresses. Herve Leger would definitely be their favourite designer,
allowing them to look sharp and still be comfortable enough to save the world on a daily basis.
The Resort 2013 Collection in particular, with vibrant colours and shades of metallic, looks like
the perfect match for any warrior woman. Even those sunglasses can work as a mask!

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2 comentarios:

Moonstyle dijo...

interesting, i like it :)

Helena Resende dijo...

This collection is really an inspiration! :)

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