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Footballer Wives

 V Magazine made this editorial for their issue #66 in thought of the last Football World Cup,
so now that the European Championship 2012 is all over the news, i thought of recovering it.

The 12 page spread mimics the gossip tabloids full of paparazzi shots of the footballer wives.
You can see great models like Dree Hemingway, Eniko Mihalik, Alessandra de Ambrosio, Maryna Linchuk or Constance Jablonski covered in fake tan, few clothes and the worst stylisms impersonating sensations of the gossip world. It is a funny tribute to the superficial and gaudy stereotypical footballer wife, and though the result may not be considered high fashion, I take my hat off to the team who came up with this idea and executed it. They demonstrated that if fashion magazines stop taking themselves so seriously, they can take a step further and create genius photoshoots which are not always inspired by something highbrow and artistic.

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I think I would make a good football wife. Ha!

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well some of them are just to "perfect" for my taste ha!
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