"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Female of the species

 The Ones 2 Watch
Photography:      Zoë Zimmer
Styling:               Naomi Gray
Hair & Makeup:  Lucy Oliver
Model:                Claire McNally 



Are you an influencer?

Influencers is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious in today's music, fashion and entertainment.

Written and directed by Paul Johnson Rojanathara and Davis, the film is a Polaroid photo of New York creative influence (advertising, design, fashion and entertainment) that are shaping pop culture
Director's Note: on.fb.me/​bQ3kHj
Spanish subtitles by Julia Hernandez Ruza


Flame-haired girls stick together

" Karen Elson is such a beauty- she's my dream girl. She has just this otherwordly look about her, and i love her vintage style. Me and her and Grace Coddington were all in a bar together in Paris recently; it was as if we'd formed a ginger coven "   Florence Welch

Florence Welch /// Grace Coddington /// Karen Elson

They're all a mix of several fields themselves, polyvalent women with a great taste and an important presence in fashion

  • Florence Welch is the singer from Florence + the Machine and acclaimed it-girl. She's chosen Karen Elson as her beauty icon in an interview for style.com
  • Grace Coddington is the current American Vogue creative director and had an early modelling career. She appeared in The September issue.
  • Karen Elson is a known model, singer and Jack White's wife. She portrayed Grace on Vogue Paris August 2008

Grace Coddington and Karen Elson

web surveys


Helena Bonham Carter for Marc Jacobs

Here the new print ads. Definitely not conventional, but what did we expect from her?
Besides the photographer is Juergen Teller.

Coat, accesories, pink scalloped dress
all from AW 2011/12



5 things to do on a Sunday

Try to bake something

 Here you have an idea

 Dip dye your hair 

I've just done it! Now, pretty in Pink

 Have a picnic

If the weather's good enough in the park, if it's not, in your living room!

 Enjoy a lazy classic movies day

Choose your favourite ones, or the ones you've never watched before


Just get off the computer




Céline Croisière 2012

While preparing some other posts about the trends in Corisière 2012,
i realised that Céline's proposal is simply perfect and deserved its own post.

Chiffon, transparences, blouses, leather, how they've mixed the patterns, prints and clothes, the accesories... It's all so ready to wear and look fabulous!


Glass Ceiling

So today isn't about a beautiful editorial.
Though these pictures are an impressive example of photography, there's a story and a reason under them.

They were taken by American photographer Jill Greenberg, whose work and career has focused intermittently on feminist issues.

 They come from a commercial shoot Greenberg was asked to make for the U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swim Team in which the professional athletes and dancers had to swim in high heels, hindering their ability and making them struggle with ambiguous movements and rush for the surface.

 " The result is a sadly relevant series of shots depicting women struggling to keep head above water in a context defined by the constraints pressed upon them by others. "

 It's great that a beautiful fine art has such a powerful reason behind it, denouncing the absurdity of what sometimes women are pushed to be or appear like.

If you're interested in reading the artist's statement about this series, click here


Smoking Girls

Two different actresses, two differents ages, two different events, two different designers... but one hit: suited up girls !

 Hailee Steinfeld                                     Kirsten Dunst
Louis Vuitton, MTV Movie Awards               Patrick Ervell, CFDA Awards


Stolen Girlfriends Club

The name of this New Zealand label sounded familiar to me, I guess I read it in some magazine somewhere, but i thought it was a band's name.
(hey, it's a good name for a band as well)

So when today I've found their clothes while shopping at Urban Outfitters, I've been amazed by them and instantly visited their  official website to know more about them.

Renowned for their individual ideas and eclectic designs, Stolen Girlfriends Club not only make beautiful clothes, they also have very interesting projects. Apart from "No Safety Helmut", a photographic tribute to Helmut Newton which is linked with an exhibition an charity action for the Aids Foundation, they also have very original ideas when it comes to presenting their collections.

Like this supermarket show, For 6 minutes New World Supermarket at Victoria Park (Auckland) was taken over by twenty models treating each aisle as a catwalk, and the public were the inadvertent guests to the "Untitled" show.

Apart from all of this, I know what you want to see are the clothes! So here you have some pieces from the "Last Nights Party" collection. I specially like here the quality fabrics throughout their collection, such as leather and fur... that fur dress, well, just great.


Friday Style Tip

Metallic Top
Blue Maxi Skirt
Brown Leather Belt
Zebra Print Clutch


I wanted to thank you all for reading this blog,
i've reached 100 followers today!
It really encourages me to keep blogging,
feels like if i have something interesting to say,
so, thank you everybody! Have a good weekend!


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