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Glass Ceiling

So today isn't about a beautiful editorial.
Though these pictures are an impressive example of photography, there's a story and a reason under them.

They were taken by American photographer Jill Greenberg, whose work and career has focused intermittently on feminist issues.

 They come from a commercial shoot Greenberg was asked to make for the U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swim Team in which the professional athletes and dancers had to swim in high heels, hindering their ability and making them struggle with ambiguous movements and rush for the surface.

 " The result is a sadly relevant series of shots depicting women struggling to keep head above water in a context defined by the constraints pressed upon them by others. "

 It's great that a beautiful fine art has such a powerful reason behind it, denouncing the absurdity of what sometimes women are pushed to be or appear like.

If you're interested in reading the artist's statement about this series, click here

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Style Spot dijo...

These photos are extremely beautiful and breathtaking, but most of all they are very important. They address such a crucial topic, and it is good that there is more focus on this. Thank you so much for posting this xoxo

Sick by Trend dijo...

stunning! I really love these pictures, Are so inspiring! :D thanks for sharing




Que fotos mas bonitas por dios!!! xxx


wow, Fantastic shots!!!

wobblinbetty dijo...

these are amazing shots and I loved to read about the concept behind them..very powerful indeed

Love ya! dijo...

Muy interesantes los contrastes y los colores de las fotografías de Jill Greenberg.

Una de las cosas pendientes que tengo que hacer son fotos en el agua!

Saludos, Love ya!

Unknown dijo...

amazing.. these photos are really really good.. love the whole idea behind them.. and the fact they're wearing heels is brilliant.. thanks for sharing. I'll definitely look up this photographer, it's nice to find out about cool artists out there.. I loved this editorial!
thanks for stopping by my blog btw.. stay cool!

Amorisagr dijo...

buenisimas las fotos de chicas en bikini y tacones, arreglás pero informal! jajaja

gracias x leerme

besitos pecosos ;)

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