"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Room on fire as she's fixing her hair

Now every time that I look at myself
"I thought I told you
this world is not for you"
The room is on fire as she's fixing her hair
"you sound so angry
just calm down, you found me"

lyric: Reptilia, The Strokes
image: Vogue Beauty (obtained via inspiring Neon Stilettos)

Random Post

I had so many little things and images on my computer to talk about....
but i couldn't find any link between them,
so i'm giving the easy way:
Random Post,
different images and a few comments, hehe.

----- Sorry, but i won't never get tired of them...Here Aggy And Albert with they lovely looks looking lovely in love (ohhh...)

----- How cool is Daisy Lowe...i need her whole outfit! specially the vynil leggings

----- Do you remember my post about Models who Rock? Well, here another model who has just added herself to the list: Spanish model Bimba Bose, friend of designer David Delfin.

She is part of the band The Cabriolets, and they actually sound great. Here one of their singles (check it, the video is pretty cool also!)


[sorry, but i don't know what happens, but i'm not able to put the video right here...i'll try later again]


Suggestions and Glitter

Here why i love Vogue Italia, check these editorials, they're pretty cool!
The first one is from the October edition, the second one it's older.
Hope you like them!

Model: Ali Stephens
Photography: Michaelangelo Di Battista

[these are my favourite pics, isn't the one up amazing!?
and well...i need that UK flag purseeee]

photography: Greg Lotus


Self-portrait on lipstick

Kate Moss's self-portrait has been sold for £33,600.

The coolest thing about this? The picture is drawn in lipstick!

Pete Doherty originally owned the lipstick self-portrait and sold it to the anonymous seller placing it in Saturday's auction.
A self-portrait by Doherty, signed in blood, also was in sale, but no buyer could be found
It is not signed, but inscribed by Doherty with the words:
"Who needs blood when you've got lipstick?"
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