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Suggestions and Glitter

Here why i love Vogue Italia, check these editorials, they're pretty cool!
The first one is from the October edition, the second one it's older.
Hope you like them!

Model: Ali Stephens
Photography: Michaelangelo Di Battista

[these are my favourite pics, isn't the one up amazing!?
and well...i need that UK flag purseeee]

photography: Greg Lotus

16 comentarios:

M dijo...

Yes, they are AMAZING!! No doubt!!
Could you tell me which is the "name" of Chanel's bag! (I love it since the day I saw it!!!)

Moonie dijo...

hey blondie cool photos friend!i'm goin' to put an special link for your blog it's too cool! you rocks!
Rock on blondie!

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) dijo...

beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

Crave dijo...


Anónimo dijo...


Danz dijo...

They're both great but I really love the first editorial! The hair is especially amazing!
Have a wonderful day dear :)

ashleigh dijo...

i love them too.

i never buy vogue italy because it's so darn expensive over here and .. well i can't read it. although i did study italian for 10 years so i should be able to!

Angela dijo...

great photos... i am not a leopard print gal but i like the dress, very sexy.

Kira Aderne dijo...

The Vogue Italy is the best!

a kiss!!!

Shopaholic dijo...

Me encanta!

Un beso!

Hummingbird dijo...

the one on royalty is amazing! i love the leopard look you show of this editorial. i wish icould wear that! lots of XX!

Unknown dijo...

I love every shot!

K'arhol dijo...

People from VOGUE are GENIUS !!!!

Fashion Moment dijo...

Amazing photos! So glamourous!


Lucile Meyer dijo...

love your blog ! and especially the picture with ROYALTY on it ! so funny !


Fashionista dijo...

I absolutely love the editorial.
The only thing is, I think Vogue Italia's editorials often look the same.
It's good but it can never match Vogue Paris

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