"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


The Cure for Street Style Overdose

Streetstyle can have secondary effects.
After fashion weeks, you are in danger of suffering a streetstyle pictures overdose.

 Do the most outrageous and bold outfits leave you cold and unimpressed?
Do clash of patterns give you headache?
Do you feel numb and uninterested after flicking through all your favourite streetstyle blogs?

You definitely have the symptons then. Don't panic though, here's the cure.

source: The Sartorialist

A style so simple and natural, yet so carefully orchestrated it just makes you stop, take a breath and
wonder why you have never considered adding a masculine snake print coat to your wardrobe basics.


Mario Testino Takes Anna Wintour's Passport Picture

We all have to suffer the embarrasment of showing that gritty unflattering picture on our passport.
We just hope that the officer checking it at the border line doesn't take too long looking at it and quickly identifies that frowning/drowsy/kind of cross-eyed/(insert adjective) person with a bad hair day in the passport with the person holding it so we can run and hide away that hideous portrait until who knows when.

Oh well, Anna Wintour isn't a common mortal as we all know, her fate is not to have a mugshot
alike picture on her passport. Instead, she summons Mario Testino to have her flawless image taken.
No room for photobooth snapshots if you are one of the world's most powerful trendsetters.


Bonfire Night Look

Because nothing will make a better print than fireworks for tonight.



Become a Superheroine With This BVL Leather Cuffs

First was Luella Bartley, then Philip Lim and Hervé Leger.
Now Benedikt Von Lepel takes a step further in the recent infatuation fashion designers have
with comic strips and creates this cool leather cuffs which are absolutely WonderWoman worth it.

Do you love them too?
You can get them at CARATIME.COM, there are several styles
to choose from which will assure you'll give your look a powerful twist.

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