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Weekly Buy: 5 Items Under £15

Enjoy this week's best looking bargains. Treat your friends, treat yourself!

Ankle Boots £15 here Bag £15 here,  Leggings £10 here,  Necklace £10 here,  Shoes £12 here.


`Olsens x Hirst' Pharmacy Inspired Backpack

"Well, I see you got your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat", that's what Dylan sang to his Blonde On Blonde muse back in 1966. Nowadays, he should take into account to record a new version of his "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" and consider changing the title to "Crocodile-Skin Pill-Studded Backpack"; after all, this garment also "is really that expensive kind".

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have re-edited the The Row crocodile skin backpack that sold out  last year. This time they counted with artist Damien Hirst, who drew upon one of his most recurring motifs: the pills (view The Void, Pharmacy restaurant...). Doubled the price of the previous version, will this drug appliqué accesory priced $55,000 sell out this year as well?


Have Your Denim Customised

We all have some jeans, denim shirt or jacket in the very end of our wardrobes that remains there and never is worn. We sometimes rediscover them, and after looking at their old-but-not-vintage-yet style we get excited at the thought of customising it. Who's not looked for denim DIY tutorials online?
Dip dye, waxed, studded, ripped... endless possibilities that look great in blogs but we're too lazy to carry out in the end.

Well, for the joy of us lazy and not very skilled old denim holders you can have your denim pieces customised with the only trouble of having to post it...and pay of course!

Denim Refinery offers you the possibility of choosing what your garment will look like (laser print, distressed, different colour...), leave the decission to the proffesionals and be surprised by the result, or even buy cool customised pieces from their e-shop. Take a look at some "Before and After" pieces:



The Cure for Street Style Overdose

Streetstyle can have secondary effects.
After fashion weeks, you are in danger of suffering a streetstyle pictures overdose.

 Do the most outrageous and bold outfits leave you cold and unimpressed?
Do clash of patterns give you headache?
Do you feel numb and uninterested after flicking through all your favourite streetstyle blogs?

You definitely have the symptons then. Don't panic though, here's the cure.

source: The Sartorialist

A style so simple and natural, yet so carefully orchestrated it just makes you stop, take a breath and
wonder why you have never considered adding a masculine snake print coat to your wardrobe basics.


Mario Testino Takes Anna Wintour's Passport Picture

We all have to suffer the embarrasment of showing that gritty unflattering picture on our passport.
We just hope that the officer checking it at the border line doesn't take too long looking at it and quickly identifies that frowning/drowsy/kind of cross-eyed/(insert adjective) person with a bad hair day in the passport with the person holding it so we can run and hide away that hideous portrait until who knows when.

Oh well, Anna Wintour isn't a common mortal as we all know, her fate is not to have a mugshot
alike picture on her passport. Instead, she summons Mario Testino to have her flawless image taken.
No room for photobooth snapshots if you are one of the world's most powerful trendsetters.


Bonfire Night Look

Because nothing will make a better print than fireworks for tonight.



Become a Superheroine With This BVL Leather Cuffs

First was Luella Bartley, then Philip Lim and Hervé Leger.
Now Benedikt Von Lepel takes a step further in the recent infatuation fashion designers have
with comic strips and creates this cool leather cuffs which are absolutely WonderWoman worth it.

Do you love them too?
You can get them at CARATIME.COM, there are several styles
to choose from which will assure you'll give your look a powerful twist.



Would You Wear The Ham-Bag?

Keeping on with its usage of ordinary motifs for eccentric pieces, The Rodnik Band 
presents the hambag. A sequined piece of meat shaped bag for the ultimate kinky accesory.

But, would you wear it or you think it is funny but not to wear at all?


Kids Playing Fashionistas

Don't get confused. This is not about the Beckham, Brangelina or Cruise's offspring who have
gained a spot on the hungry-for-icons press and the uncertain "little fashionistas" title. This is better.

The Coveteur relaunches and, as any relaunchment, they needed a video to go viral and spread the news. What came from that is this funny video where the most actual fashionistas are played by adorable little counterparts. In the video you can sneak into a young A-list party attended by everyone who is everyone in the fashion industry. 

The always needed it-editors Taylor Tomasi Hill and Anna Dello Russo strike a pose with their ellaborated outfits with Tommy Tom taking their pictures while Leigh Lezark djs and bloggers such as Susie Bubble or The Man Repeller compete to see who reports the party faster on their social media. No need to say, mini Karl Lagerleld had to attend with his inseparable Choupette.


Oyster Magazine Goes Bananas

Oyster celebrated its eighteen years in print with this amusing 80's inspired editorial
lensed by Tung Walsh. The esthetical excess of this decade in shapes and accesories,
along with a couple of bananas,  is the way the magazine chose to regale its 100th issue.


DIY: Bottle Cap Decorated Jumper

Browsing some of the most extravagant Jessie J outfits, this picture gave me an
idea for a really easy, cheap and fast way to revamp some of your old jumpers.

You just need to glue the safety pins to the inside of the bottle caps.
Once they're dry, attach them to the jumper. The best thing about
it is that you can replace them as many times you want
and try different combinations!


Multifaceted Woman Vogue Italia Cover Is Brilliant

This is clearly the most outstanding cover I've seen among all the September issues this year.

Not even Vogue US bid on Lady Gaga's quirky monstrosity deserves to be compared
with this genius job by Steven Meisel. All dressed in Prada, Carolyn Murphy looks
like a mannequin herself surrounded by the heads of many others alike.


Style Guide: The 4 Ways to Wear A Denim Shirt






From left to right, from top to bottom: Ripped off pocket shirt (House of Fraser),
Striped denim shirt (Mango), Pure cotton shirt (La Redoute), Scalloped tie shirt (Miss Selfridges),
Dark denim tie sleeveless shirt (New Look),  Oversized shirt (Miss Selfridge),
Grey Sleeveless shirt (New Look), Degrade Denim shirt (Mango).


Fashionary: The Fashion Insider Sketchbooks

Fashionary is a brand of sketchbooks which make the perfect tool for fashion insiders.
The name comes from "Fashion + Dictionary + Diary" given that their sketchbooks combine fashion information and figure templates. The templates are barely visible so you can use the pages as a normal sketchbook as well. It becomes very useful for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing. They also include another useful features like a monhtly calendar, a brands index or a fabric dictionary.


Patti Smith Inspires Helmet Magazine #3 Story

Model Anna Albrekht gets into Patti Smith's skin, but this time the suits she'll be wearing
are signed by Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Ann Demeulemeester among others.
The pictures taken by Darren McDonald get their inspiration from The Dream of Life,
a 2008 documentary film by Steven Sebring about the proclaimed Godmother of Punk.

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