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Have Your Denim Customised

We all have some jeans, denim shirt or jacket in the very end of our wardrobes that remains there and never is worn. We sometimes rediscover them, and after looking at their old-but-not-vintage-yet style we get excited at the thought of customising it. Who's not looked for denim DIY tutorials online?
Dip dye, waxed, studded, ripped... endless possibilities that look great in blogs but we're too lazy to carry out in the end.

Well, for the joy of us lazy and not very skilled old denim holders you can have your denim pieces customised with the only trouble of having to post it...and pay of course!

Denim Refinery offers you the possibility of choosing what your garment will look like (laser print, distressed, different colour...), leave the decission to the proffesionals and be surprised by the result, or even buy cool customised pieces from their e-shop. Take a look at some "Before and After" pieces:


2 comentarios:

fashion-meets-art dijo...

oh i love the results. so fantastic. and unique and special pieces.
lovely greets


Unknown dijo...

I love the result of the 1st pictures



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