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Balenciaga And The Infiltrators

Balenciaga's Fall 2012
collection is based on the idea of how all the different women working
in the imagined Balenciaga Inc would be dressed. Nicolas Ghesquière played with the
concept of corporate clothes, and even though the structural and architectural sense of clothes is
always this house's business, there would be a hierarchy in this all run by female company.
Bosses, middle management, interns...and also infiltrators!

These sneaky workers are precisely the ones who would be wearing this sweatshirts displaying sci-fi
imagery and slogans such like " Out of the blue" or "Join a weird trip". In the words of the designer:
They’re industrial spies,they’re here to take over the company!

[Source: Vogue]

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Reptilia dijo...

Muy futurista y original aunque no me convencen..!



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Lovely post dear :X


Unknown dijo...

Hahaha, well they are not exactly my cup of te but I have to admit that they are very original!!!!!!

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Cute sweaters. lovely blog. I am a new follower *

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Creepy Smile dijo...

Son guapísimos. :)
Me encanta la mezcla entre futurista
y delicado, con esos volantes en los cuellos.


Sam dijo...

This is a very interesting concept for the Balenciaga Fall collection, very inventive!

samecookiesdifferent dijo...

love love love these- incredible! want them soo bad
xx the cookies
share the feeling

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me encanta!!!
aunque lo que tiene son las fotos.. porque de diseño..!!

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Mom Fashion World dijo...

Balenciaga rocks!
I like these sweaters!

Ellyzabeth dijo...

Balenciaga is always the best xx

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super cute tops
love it

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Those sweaters strike me when I saw them! So much fun! :)

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Amazing shirts :)
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I love these blouse!
extra cool ones :)

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loving these!!

Dani dijo...

I love those sweats!! They look just gorgeous!!

Miss fashionmix dijo...

Oh! These sweaters are awesome!

chloe dijo...

i had no idea about this, sounds interesting, i think i'll google it!thanks for the tip! x

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