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Under The Weather

I saw this picture on The Sartorialist a few weeks ago, and I thought it posed an interesting point.

Do you choose your clothes always according to the weather ? 
Is it just illogical to wear a fur coat without tights ?
Or are we too influenced by rigid rules based on concepts that tie
down our intention to experiment with new mixes and sets ?

As for Scott Schuman himself, he speaks his mind in the post and says:
"Dressing for the weather is a very inaccurate science, and quoting tired concepts
or rules only shows a lack of understanding for the variety in our lives".

5 comentarios:

Cool Vanity dijo...

Me encanta este abrigo . Bsinos y buen fin de semana.

Unknown dijo...

I think it is wonderful to "play" with outfits!
there are no rules , there can't exist
that's why a piece can everybody wear it with so many different ways...
this is personality and personal style

xxx Ros.e.

My lad side dijo...

ADORO repito, ADORO tu look!!!!!

Marc de My Lad Side

Andy González dijo...

break the rules! ;)
Hi! thanks for visiting my blog!
I like yours :)


Unknown dijo...

I would wear a fur coat over a mini dress here in downtown Santa Cruz! It gets very chilly at night but as soon as you are inside a pub or bar the temp requires slipping off the jacket and just wearing a party dress! I hope to find a lovely faux fur version of this one! Love this photograph you selected!



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