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Paris Seen From Lanvin

This is the view from the windows of the Paris Press Office at Lanvin.

Yep, I wouldn't mind working there, don't think nobody would mind.

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Anónimo dijo...

I wouldn't mind too!Beautiful view!

Stay Luxury

Simone Crown dijo...

That is one nice view!

Kisses from Austria,

Sara dijo...

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Marina dijo...

Gracias por comentar!

bonito blog!
un beso

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lapetiteblonde dijo...

como me gusta esa foto!ais,no sabes la pila recuerdos que me trae!!

Pilar dijo...

Wow! I would LOVE working there, with the view of this amazing landscape♥

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XOXO from Buenos Aires,


Liù dijo...

think about it when the sun comes out......
tnx 4 your comment!
i'm following u now! :)


Mariya Art dijo...

stunning <3

lucia m dijo...

wow! amazing!!!


Outside Looking In dijo...

What a dream--working at Lanvin and seeing that view everyday!

Suzanna Rani dijo...

How amazing view! *-*
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Your blog is great! *-*


Nuar dijo...

Hey, girl!
Thanks for your comment on my blog and for giving me the chance to discover yours, which is very enjoyable!!
BTW, guess I could endure working there, too. :-)
Following you now, and if you like my blog, I'll be thrilled to have you among my followers, as well!
XOXO, María José

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings dijo...

What a great view!! No I wouldn't mind going to Lanvin everyday!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Claire D. T dijo...

Love it :)

Rafael Romo dijo...

your soo lucky,! love it.
now following you. hope you can tooC:

Maria Garcia Pita dijo...

paris is a city so so beautiful

lorenabr dijo...

I would love it! :) thanks fro stopping by!

a sip of fashion baby dijo...

amazing thing!! paris is always so lovely and this pic sounds fantastic!!!

Marianna Papagiannopoulou dijo...

I totally agree!!!!


Leslie dijo...

Going to Paris in June and I definitely wouldn't mind working there :)

Thanks for stopping by today and I'm happy to be your newest follower!! Looking forward to reading more :)


LUANA dijo...

Muito lindo!


Inggrid Monalita dijo...

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have a nice weekend!

Sofies closet dijo...

What a lovely view. Paris is so stunning! Please go take a look at my blog, sunday I'll actually post some really amazing pictures from my trip to Pairs last summer, so please keep up.


M.E dijo...

what a beautiful picture!


Beauty_is_an_attitude dijo...

Qué pasada! luego dicen de las oficinas de Google, pero esto es una maravilla!!!

Unknown dijo...

I agree, I wouldnt mind at all!

Stop by soon!

/ L from sweden


Cléo de Lucca dijo...

Great blog... following!!!
Kisses from Brazil.

Cleo de Lucca

Anónimo dijo...

Aww.. Beautiful view <3
Me too!
I wouldn't mind too! :D

♥ sugarpuff ♥

Pinkie Anggia

Lets Misbehave dijo...

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You have a nice blog! <3

C* dijo...

Looks amazing :) Loved that ^^ I´m a follower

RHEA dijo...

Me voy allí, con mucho gusto, vamos!

Audrey Leighton dijo...

So amazing, so jealous!

Be Frassy

Sophie dijo...

Such a great view - a lovely blog!


Unknown dijo...

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StylistChoice dijo...

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Yuliya dijo...

mmmm... great)

Beauty Follower dijo...

Nice view!

Anónimo dijo...

i've never been to paris, it would be amazing to see this beautiful city

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Jackie dijo...

I would probably give my left arm to work here. Haha

Leeloo dijo...

I want wiev like this :DD

Noora dijo...

Beautiful view! I have to come back to Paris someday soon, I miss it so much! <3


Lita dijo...

Amazing view! I love the pic!

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Oh my Dior! dijo...

wow that's a beautiful view!


Kimberly dijo...

great photo

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