"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Vincent Gallo???

What are you doing there....i mean, in the new H&M campaign???!!

When did he decided to throw off his controversial career as a super-independent auteur?
Maybe being the image of H&m is the new bohemian indie wave...

Don't misunderstand me, i adored him, but it has been so shocking to know this, hehe


Blogs alert


This is just a quick post about a pair of blogs from people that i do know:


Just check it because it's really original, and with really cool pictures!!!

I'm sure you'll get interesting ideas from itthis is a pic of both of us partying...well, i'm the one with blonde hair [not blue jeans this time! hehe.]


This other one is from a girl from my city which i get to knew in blogspot, but that actually was a friend from my sister...funny coincidence!

She's got an amazing style and nice blog!

So...don't forget to check both of them!!


Boy in a rock'n'roll band

I found this editorial....i don't know where it is from (any ideas???) , but i just loved it. It's really young and fresh, it breathes rock and love, so nice!

Maybe it caught my eye beacuse today is St. Valentine, but wherever....here's my present for you!

Have fun today!


Some girls

...are bigger than others

So here i leave you some pictures of my favourite girls:
Alice Dellal & Pixie Geldof

Elle Style Awards 2009

British Fashion Awards 2008

Fendi 'O' Party in Paris

BT Home Hub House Party

Andy & Patti Wong's Chinese New Year Party 2007

Nokia Skate Almighty - VIP Launch Night
[isn't this picture really funny? =) ]

---sorry for the quality of the pictures...the best ones i found were the ones from getty images!


Real Wild Child

I just loved this when i saw it, the Rock Iguana,
also known as Iggy Pop, one of the cover for
the debut of Love magazine.
Doesn't he always look full of energy?

The other covers were the ones
featuring Agyness Deyn and Iris

Here other covers i found with Iggy Pop:

CREEM magazine
1974 1971 1970

MOJO magazine
1996 2007
2000 2003

A bit of rock'n'roll is always a good theme for a come back, isn't it?


Still here

Blonde Hair Blue jeans is coming back really soon!!

i just wanted to thank everyone who has left a comment for me all this time.....they've really made me come back! =)

i do hope you are all doing good!
oh, and i'll check all of your blogs, even though if i don't sleep in ...
3 weeks?

greeting for everyone!!!
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