"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Would You Wear The Ham-Bag?

Keeping on with its usage of ordinary motifs for eccentric pieces, The Rodnik Band 
presents the hambag. A sequined piece of meat shaped bag for the ultimate kinky accesory.

But, would you wear it or you think it is funny but not to wear at all?


Kids Playing Fashionistas

Don't get confused. This is not about the Beckham, Brangelina or Cruise's offspring who have
gained a spot on the hungry-for-icons press and the uncertain "little fashionistas" title. This is better.

The Coveteur relaunches and, as any relaunchment, they needed a video to go viral and spread the news. What came from that is this funny video where the most actual fashionistas are played by adorable little counterparts. In the video you can sneak into a young A-list party attended by everyone who is everyone in the fashion industry. 

The always needed it-editors Taylor Tomasi Hill and Anna Dello Russo strike a pose with their ellaborated outfits with Tommy Tom taking their pictures while Leigh Lezark djs and bloggers such as Susie Bubble or The Man Repeller compete to see who reports the party faster on their social media. No need to say, mini Karl Lagerleld had to attend with his inseparable Choupette.


Oyster Magazine Goes Bananas

Oyster celebrated its eighteen years in print with this amusing 80's inspired editorial
lensed by Tung Walsh. The esthetical excess of this decade in shapes and accesories,
along with a couple of bananas,  is the way the magazine chose to regale its 100th issue.


DIY: Bottle Cap Decorated Jumper

Browsing some of the most extravagant Jessie J outfits, this picture gave me an
idea for a really easy, cheap and fast way to revamp some of your old jumpers.

You just need to glue the safety pins to the inside of the bottle caps.
Once they're dry, attach them to the jumper. The best thing about
it is that you can replace them as many times you want
and try different combinations!

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