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DIY: Bottle Cap Decorated Jumper

Browsing some of the most extravagant Jessie J outfits, this picture gave me an
idea for a really easy, cheap and fast way to revamp some of your old jumpers.

You just need to glue the safety pins to the inside of the bottle caps.
Once they're dry, attach them to the jumper. The best thing about
it is that you can replace them as many times you want
and try different combinations!

4 comentarios:

Moonstyle dijo...

interesting :)

Cool Vanity dijo...

Good idea!. Kisses.

Squared dijo...

pretty awesome!! We have a giveaway going on right now where you could win a 100$ pair of glasses. Just thought you'd be interested! Come by soon ;) xx

Unknown dijo...

this looks kind of fun..might try it.. cool DIY

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