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Multifaceted Woman Vogue Italia Cover Is Brilliant

This is clearly the most outstanding cover I've seen among all the September issues this year.

Not even Vogue US bid on Lady Gaga's quirky monstrosity deserves to be compared
with this genius job by Steven Meisel. All dressed in Prada, Carolyn Murphy looks
like a mannequin herself surrounded by the heads of many others alike.

7 comentarios:

Moonstyle dijo...

amazing pic...:)

Princess Martha dijo...

Amazing cover!!
I hadn't seen it before...but I agree, it is fabulous!!

Vale ♥ dijo...

This cover is really wonderful, what a beautiful, genial pic =)

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Panty Buns dijo...

Very pretty! I remember seeing a movie once about a mannequin who was really alive and only one department store worker could see her as other than a mannequin - until right near the end. It was a beautiful funny love story. This photo reminded me of that. You're right, the Vogue Italia cover is brilliant!

Anónimo dijo...

Love it


Unknown dijo...

lovely post <3
check mine if you want :)

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momto8 dijo...

wow! just hope she has more brains than the rest of them.

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