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Fetish Fall: The Night Porter

Looks like Liliana Cavani's Il Portiere Di Notte (The Night Porter, 1974) has been used as inspiration by many people this season. Costumes in this controversial film were made by Piero Tosi, who had already worked with Luchino Visconti creating the amazing looks in La Caduta Degli Dei (The Damned, 1969).

Charlotte Rampling's ensemble of army boots and pants, suspenders, peaked cap, and black opera gloves has been imitated countless times in pop culture (Madonna's Justify My Love or Lady Gaga's LoveGame videos among them). But this "Nazi Chic" style has also been an influence in fashion for years, starting in the mid-seventies with the emergence of the punk movement in London. It kept growing and passed from being a marginal trend to become incorporated by big fashion houses to their collections, such as in John Galliano's Christian Dior A/W 2000-01 Haute Couture.

Christian Dior A/W 2000-01 Haute Couture

This season it seems to be more present than others, not only in collections such as Marc Jacob's Louis Vuitton A/W 2011-12, but in magazine covers and editorials as well.

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Monsterchen dijo...

great post darling, i love this fetish trend, but didn´t know the night porter, what a shame, i have to go for this movie now to see this looks!
love and kiss,mary

Kasidy dijo...

Very interesting post! I'd never heard of that film before, might have to check it out. Thanks for commenting on my blog!


Like Mousse Au Chocolat dijo...

Thank u for your comment miss, nice blog u have xo


Marielleheart dijo...

Great pictures! Love the post and your blog! Would you like to follow each other? x

ATACADAS dijo...

Love your blog, follow each other!!!
Kisses from spain

lisa signorini dijo...

ooohh great selection!!! a little bit difficult to wear!

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I'm waiting for u! ( follow back, of course!)

Have a wonderful day!

PAPS dijo...

Well very interesting post. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Unknown dijo...

just when you think something new and unique arrives fashion proves itself as a revolving door

Anónimo dijo...

That's great!!!

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Kisses, we'r following you! ;*


Selvaggia Capizzi dijo...

You know that you are totally right? I didn't notice it until reading you post!

Paula dijo...

Great post, love this trend!



lapetiteblonde dijo...

es super interesante este post!tengo una duda??tu español es perfecto..pero por aquí no veo ni rastro!!de donde eres???es que para ser traductor estaría muy bien jaja..
besitos y buen día=)

lapetiteblonde dijo...

Por eso te preguntaba jaja..porque llevo ya bastante siguiendote..y como en el perfil no ponía nada pensé que serías extranjera!pero con el comentario de hoy...he pensado que imposible!!que los traductores son malisimos..y no podía ser!así que por eso te lo he querido preguntar jaja..
besitos y gracias por contestarme=)


great post!!!


meg patrick dijo...

Wow interesting Post! Great photos! thanks for the comment on my blog x


Great post! It is everywhere this season, isn't it? Did you see this latest editorial of Yasmin Le Bon from October's L'Officiel? I loved it :)


A BRIT GREEK dijo...

Really loved this post, cos it's so different from everything i've seen in a while!
You just gave a blast from the past moment with the Galliano shots...
Just reading Dawns comment - omg, I so love Yasmin's editorial. She has still got it.

Bonnie dijo...

One word: Fierce. Looovvvingg this shoot.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Unknown dijo...

Interesting post! Loved reading it and gorgeous pictures.

Heel in Mint


Anytime, sweetie! They're a great addition. Just love this post :) xoxo

Style, She Wrote dijo...

Amazing how you traced this inspiring film throughout these collections! xo style, she wrote

Unknown dijo...

I have never seen that movie but judging by the photos I think I'm being drawn to do so as soon as possible.. they seem to eye-catching.. I must watch it.. especially if its being held as a fashion designer's inspiration.. cool post, thanks for sharing this! and thanks for your comment on my blog! I appreciate it.. stay cool!

Kathy dijo...

For this matter, I love the hand cuff clutch from LV. Such a major piece. xoxo


Federico Panarello dijo...

love this collection so much!!!

Inma dijo...

Hola!! gracias por tu comentario!! impresionantes fotografias!! no conocia el blog, te sigo, si te gusta el mio, sigueme!! besos


Josie dijo...

I haven't seen the movie, but it's definitely an interesting look!
xo Josie

Ellen H. dijo...

Great feature post! Love the gritty-chic nature of this pseudo-fetishist fashion trend.


Anna Jiménez Plaza dijo...

Great post!!!! I love Vuitton´s colection!! It´s the best! I like your blog!! Thanks for you visit! XOXO


Anna Jiménez

blondehaus dijo...

This is very unique and a little risque but I love it! I'd never seen it before - thanks for sharing!

Unknown dijo...

You're inspiring me to go back and look at those old Charlotte Rampling movies + Visconti...I think the smoky plastic pumps coming out all over the place for spring are somehow part of this mix too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Mary Jo

Ana dijo...

i love military style, by the way the blouse from the previour post is amazing! i follow u

Alessandra Mazzini dijo...

Yeah you're right!! Great post!


Anónimo dijo...

Nice blog!!!
Kisses from Spain!!!

Alexandra dijo...

VERY cool blog!!

Check out my blog too if you like, would be a pleasure!

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