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Satine: Jewelry That Makes You Want To Take a Roadtrip

It's incredible how Internet works. Even when you're procrastinating at your most, scrolling websites and blogs, there's always a potential treasure to be found even if you think you're just wasting your afternoon.

This is how I discovered Satine, browsing my favourite Fashiolista users I saw this Las Vegas cuff, so suitable at a moment when everybody's all about Coachella and you just feel like leaving everything and driving a Cadillac to the next grim hostel. This leather cuff felt like the perfect accesory for the journey.

The creator behind this original pieces is Marie Lapaire. She created Satine when she returned from her trips all over the world. Satine is a jewelry brand in which such a raw material as leather is tamed and transformed into very feminine pieces, all handmade in their studio in Paris. Celebrities such as Ashley Greene have already discovered and fallen in love with the brand.

Even though they are really affordable and have all kind of jewelry- the bib necklaces of their new collection are great- my favourite pieces are still the cuffs (you can spot a pattern given my current obsession with leather cuffs). Here you have my selection of favourite pieces, all available in their e-boutique:

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