"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Karen Walker

Karen Walker is a New Zealand-born fashion designer with a reputation for her original, effortless and unpretentious style.
Karen’s collections are high casual with one foot in tailoring and the other in street wear. The recurring theme is taking extremes and pushing them together - masculine and feminine, tailored and street, luxury and non-luxury, dark and super-cute.

I love this Karen Walker's collection

[i want this skirt]
I've just finished my exams!
And tomorrow i'm going on holiday...
i'll be for a week in France and another week in Barcelona...so i don't think i would be able to post...sorry!
Well, i hope you all have a lot of fun, and don't forget me! cause i'll come back with tons of ideas for posting!

Tagged again: Songs

I've been tagged again....this is so great!

Well, first i have to thank CoutureCarrie, the one who tagged me!
And, i love it, because it is about music!

Here you have my seven songs:

1.Calm like you, The Last Shadow Puppets

2.Summertime, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin

3.Do you wanna, The Kooks

4.Chelsea Girls, Velvet Underground

5.That's not my name, The Ting Tings

6. Where nobody knows, Kings of Leon

7.Steady as she goes, The Raconteurs


Gin and Milk

I put gin in my milk
To kill all the germs
As I pray for the day
That life will return
And I pray for myself
But I never learn
No I never learn

See I really like you
But I’m nothing like you

You won’t really see me
I live in old movies
Cloaked tightly in sin
So they wont come in

image: yes, DirtyGlam
lyric: Dirty Pretty Things


Tagged for the first time

Oh, i'm so happy, Fashion Chalet tagged me! thank you so much!

5 Things Found in my Purse:
-pens (still on exams)
-if i'm lucky the keys (i usually forget them =S)
-contact lenses (i am very shortsighted)
-my sunglasses (blue wayfarer)

5 Things Found in my Wallet:

-credit cards
-lots of tickets...specially from the cinemas...i collect it!
-driving license (it cost me a year to get it)

5 Things Found in my Room:

-mountains of magazines, with a special mention for Vogue
-my bag always on a chair
-tv and radio
-collages from photos and images on the wall
-books, books, books

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do:

-have a boyfriend who plays guittar or sing...i mean, a rocker!
(or well,play guitar myself and have a band)
-go to glastonbury festival
-have a 2.55
-working on fashion industry (model, designer, fashion editor, stylist...)-travel all around the world always i wanted

5 Things I’m currently into:

-finishing my exams (it would be on Friday, al last!)
-reading about Edie Sedgwick, i'm fascinated about her-blogging...i'm loving it!
-downloading music...i'm always at it
-listening to The Strokes (best group ever)

5 Impressions of my Tagger:

-she is really stylish
-she has a great taste for images
-she is so nice for tagging me
-she listens to Bob Marley (three little birds)
-she does love Audrey Hepburn


Sasha Pivovarova

I dedicate this post to my friend Summer Mode, who loves Sasha Pivovarova!!

Sasha Pivovarova was born in Moscow, Russia, on 1986
She was a girl who never dreamed of becoming a model. But everything began after a friend and photographer, Igor Vishnyakov, took photos of her. He knew she had something special, so he then gave them to IMG and her career took off.
Two weeks later she opened for the Prada show in Milan
Within just one year of modeling, she had earned some of the highest accolades a model can accomplish namely by appearing on two Italian Vogue covers
She has consistently appeared in the most prestigious fashion magazines, including American Vogue, Italian Vogue, French Vogue, British Vogue, Japanese Vogue, Chinese Vogue, W, V Magazine, POP and Numéro Sasha has continuosly, from the beginning of her career, walked the runway for top designers, including Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Valentino, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Miu Miu,Hermes, Kenzo, Victor & Rolf, Dolce & Gabanna, Balenciaga, Zac Pozen, Fendi and Yohji Yamamoto

[loved this editorial so much]

Sasha adds to her repertoire maintaining one of the longest running Prada exclusives, going on 6 seasons, a true muse for one of the most highly regarded names in fashion. She is also the face of Armani cosmetics
Through her modelling Sasha travels extensively which allows her to visit many museums, exhibitions and studios of artist friends.
She sketches all the time on any thing she can find (coffee, wine, charcoal, pencils, etc) and uses her free time to paint. Her work has been featured in French Vogue among other high caliber editorial magazines
Her beauty secrets are Chinese u loon tea and Shaolin Kung-fu,
as well as being a vegetarian and abstaining from alcohol


Hey rich girl!

We'll walk around
Pretending we're all grown up
Hey, rich girl! Roll your eyes!
There's investigation to be done
Like who's been wearing what with who
So what's been going on?
You got to know!

lyric: The Virgins
image: Nylon

She did it again...and again and again

She is amazing!
We are talking about Chloe Sevigny!!

She went to the latest Cartier Love Bracelet launch, in L.A.
And she looked simple and stunning, as she uses to.

She posed so nice in a ladylike drop-waist dress .
A brooch,
strappy sandal heels
and a
complete the chic look.


Keith Richards for Vuitton

I know this is nothing new, but i adored this campaign,i found it really original.

Obviously,this is my favourite photo...i mean...a rock star and Vuitton suitcases? Who gives more?

And if you add the fact that he is not only a rock star, he is a Rolling Stone...ok, then i go crazy!

I do love Keith Richards

Keith Richards by Annie Leibovitz
I think the photo haves a great atmosphere...

Also appeared on the campaign Mijail Gorbachov (ex URSS president), french actress Catherine Deneuve, and the tennist players Steffi Graf and André Agassi.

The money Richards earned with this campaign is destinated to "The Climate Project", promoted by Al Gore.

What did you think about that campaign?

You can't be wrong

wearing a black and white outfit....
and even more, if it includes a mini skirt, be sure the look should be at least stylish!

Miu Miu

Like these smoking inspired ones, from Ann Demeulemeester

Basics always work, so don't forget to wear a blazer

Anna Molinari

I love oversized shirts...and i always found so interesting to put them with high-waisted skirts Isabel Marant
For less serious looks, include patterns to end with monotonyEmporio Armani
Here, Proenza Schouler...
the one on the right looks great!

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