"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Keith Richards for Vuitton

I know this is nothing new, but i adored this campaign,i found it really original.

Obviously,this is my favourite photo...i mean...a rock star and Vuitton suitcases? Who gives more?

And if you add the fact that he is not only a rock star, he is a Rolling Stone...ok, then i go crazy!

I do love Keith Richards

Keith Richards by Annie Leibovitz
I think the photo haves a great atmosphere...

Also appeared on the campaign Mijail Gorbachov (ex URSS president), french actress Catherine Deneuve, and the tennist players Steffi Graf and André Agassi.

The money Richards earned with this campaign is destinated to "The Climate Project", promoted by Al Gore.

What did you think about that campaign?

19 comentarios:

..... dijo...

i prefer that one compared to the new one with coppola ! oh and sorry im not linkin

Gloria dijo...

wow, I think it's actually a very good choice..

terren dijo...

Wow! with leibovitz and keith richards (!!) you can do no wrong. the photo is haunting, but perfect.

Andrea Martínez Maugard dijo...

I really like this campaign, specially the Keith and Catherine pics, they're just timeless
I added you to my blogroll too :)

Anónimo dijo...

love this campaign keith richards is amazing

Ida dijo...

The campaign is really good, and this photo is amazing. Been to their concert - they rock. Literally!

karla deras dijo...

linked you back!

Fashion Addict dijo...

it is a great campaign!

BTW, would you like to link up with my blog?

Héloïse J. dijo...

it's really interesting but for some reason i cannot feel it. i don't dream of it.. if you know what i mean!

happy to link you back!


Danz dijo...

Thanks a lot for your comment, luv :):)

I like the moody quality of the photo, there's a mystery to it that's intriguing.

Hummingbird dijo...

thanks blondehair! linked you back. love your blog. xx!

Kira Aderne dijo...

he is pure style and rock and roll, love his music\!

a kiss!!


good info, but what tipe of letter are u used???? :D

see U,


Anónimo dijo...

i duno if i really like this picture, he reminds me of a tree trunk but now as im looking at it im starting to like it more

Times of Glory dijo...

Louis Vuitton definitely show some sophistication in the ad! The ad definitely has more depth than usual! I totally love it! Also, how nice Richard donated this earning to "The Climate Project" xxxxxxxx

Anónimo dijo...

Keith Richards and Vuitton...love combination!

Anónimo dijo...

Keith Richards and Vuitton...great combination!

Shopaholic dijo...

I also love this campaign!


Anónimo dijo...

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