"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


LUELLA: Cartoon music for superheroes

I love Luella Bartley, i think the collections have a very fresh and original style. She uses to mix different patterns, styles and clothes, wich ends in a awesome look.
I just got a lot of ideas from her shows!!

For example, if you are mad about bright colour pants...
try them with an open shirt and a large scarf!


I think this is my
favourite look for
this season!!
-Rock or Superhero T-Shirt
-Flowered miniskirt
-Oversized blazer
-Crossed little purse

-Boots, wedges... (gladiator ones would look great!)


If you are crazy about the lady look:

Put your new
high-waisted skirt
with a grey pullover...
Mask is optional!

Finally...if you need a look for partying, you better put your best sequined skirt with a rock t-shirt and a sailor-style jacket.
Put on your highest heels and get a good eye makeover!!
it really works on Carmen Kass, she looks amazing!

3 comentarios:

Miss at la Playa dijo...

wow, I love your header!

Emma Waldorf dijo...

I love Carmen Kass looks, the pirate is cool.

PS:I also love your header, I want "never mind the bollocks" T-Shirt!

MDS* dijo...

God, I think today I was wearing one of that lady looks, hahaha!
I also love your header, this is amazing!!

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