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Tagged again: Songs

I've been tagged again....this is so great!

Well, first i have to thank CoutureCarrie, the one who tagged me!
And, i love it, because it is about music!

Here you have my seven songs:

1.Calm like you, The Last Shadow Puppets

2.Summertime, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin

3.Do you wanna, The Kooks

4.Chelsea Girls, Velvet Underground

5.That's not my name, The Ting Tings

6. Where nobody knows, Kings of Leon

7.Steady as she goes, The Raconteurs

12 comentarios:

Miss at la Playa dijo...

tendré que escucharlas! :P

..... dijo...

the kings of leon, the kooks !!! great tunes !! bueno bueno

Emma Waldorf dijo...

Las que no conozco me las voy a bajar, pero las que conozco, alucinantes, sobre todo summertime y esos dos cracks!!

Héloïse J. dijo...

the raconteurs! every time i see this group i remeber how great the white stripes were :P

luv summertime :)


thanks for the comment (:
I like your songs too !!!

Anónimo dijo...

ah i love the velvet underground

Paul Pincus dijo...

calm like you ; ) luv it.

love your weblog.

geri hirsch dijo...

love your music choices!

Velveteen Rose dijo...

Love the kooks, and last shadow puppets!

Krista dijo...

I'm very impressed with your taste in music

Anónimo dijo...

you have good taste in music my dear!

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) dijo...

Age of the Understatement is indeed at the top of my album list right now as well.
Just discovered this blog - it is frigging awesome.

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