"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Designer to Watch: Yvonne Kwok

I discovered Yvonne Poei-Yie Kwok after she took part in the Hyeres Festival presenting her
"Little Mary" collection, an amazing showcase of elaborated garments with a harlequin inspiration.
This 25 year old Dutch designer graduated at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, interned at Viktor&Rolf
and was selected finalist for best international collection at the London Graduate Fashion Week.

As you can see, her work is very detailed, with a lot of handwork and
reinterpretation of textures and shapes. If you want to see more check her website here,
she'll definitely be worth following up.


Some notes on the MET Gala 2013: From Chaos to Couture

The MET Gala this year has been a real disappointment, we need to thank for this to all the guests who paid a ridiculous amount of money for their invitations and obviated that the core of this gala is -or used to be- that it has a theme. Most celebrities nowadays proved they are that kind of friends you invite to a costume party and come dressed in their regular clothes saying that "they are disguised as themselves".

Also, we would need to thank those people who though punk means "just wear
studded accesories" and who thought couture was "wear a mini dress you look hot in".
I'd love to know what Vivienne Westwood thought surrounded by this crowd,
as I don't have her phone, here you have some of my thoughts on it:


Bucket bags by Delphine Delafon

Franco-American designer Delphine Delafon launched her eponymous label in 2011 in Paris. 
She departs from a very simple idea: she reworks the same model of bucket bag over and over again. However, never a bucket bag looked better, and you won't find 2 bags that look boringly the same:
mottled materials, animal print fabrics, leather, studs, fringes, or charms... You probably already
have this feeling you just want to collect them and never wear another kind of bag again.


Chloe Nørgaard does Heavy Metal

Wrapped in metallis fabrics, Chloe Nørgaard lies and poses like a fallen idol while
her rainbow locks flow around the drowsy atmosphere created by David Bellemere
Wondrous photography and concept in this Gravure Magazine story.


How To Wear A Dalí

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