"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


She did it again...and again and again

She is amazing!
We are talking about Chloe Sevigny!!

She went to the latest Cartier Love Bracelet launch, in L.A.
And she looked simple and stunning, as she uses to.

She posed so nice in a ladylike drop-waist dress .
A brooch,
strappy sandal heels
and a
complete the chic look.

8 comentarios:

Madame Dior dijo...

i can't even begin to say how good she looks =] sooo jealous!

Ida dijo...

The brooch is already said to be a trend. She is phenomenal.

meliindaa. dijo...

this is such an elegant outfit;; amazingg.

Lust for Fashion dijo...

TY for the comment! I love her dress and shoes!!

Hummingbird dijo...

2.55, brooch, auch! great look. many xx!

Miby dijo...

She always has that lovely look! I love her dress and that brooch as well!:)

Danz dijo...

She looks fantastic! I love everything she's wearing!

Anónimo dijo...
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