"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Anna's Disco Fever

Last Friday, 30 September.
What to wear if you are the Vogue Japan fashion editor during Paris Fashion Week and you're also going to attend Terry Richardson's exhibition opening in Colette and the Club Monaco?

Well, you stick to your singular and personal style, and take a step further in your love for weird headdresses.

Left: Christian Dior S/S '12                 ///                                    Right: Colette

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Anónimo dijo...

haha, she's so funny!

Mani dijo...

Wooow, I looove her style! She is always stunning!

The PvdH Journal dijo...

Anna is incredible! I ran into her at the Michael van der Ham show in LFW and she was super nice.

Cuquete dijo...

Singular and personal style... she is a great fashion-woman.

Anónimo dijo...

Anna has amazing fashion sense. She's one of your motilo girls! :)
Do you get inspired by her style? Do you fancy being a motilo stylist? Show off your skills and create the best denim look : http://magazine.motilo.com/style-competition-jeans-genes-day/


Ophelia dijo...

She never ceases to bore me with her outfits!


Fash Boulevard dijo...

omg. this is all kinda of fabulous. adore this post. I hope you had an amazing weekend, love. If you get a second I've got a brand new outfit post. I'd love to hear what you think. xo


Anónimo dijo...

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