"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Céline Croisière 2012

While preparing some other posts about the trends in Corisière 2012,
i realised that Céline's proposal is simply perfect and deserved its own post.

Chiffon, transparences, blouses, leather, how they've mixed the patterns, prints and clothes, the accesories... It's all so ready to wear and look fabulous!

3 comentarios:

Coco2000 dijo...

She looks like 80´s, i like it so much !!! my favourite clothes is pink trousers !!! congratulations from Spain !! I´ve blog too, if u want to visit it is: www.misscoco2000.blogspot.com

Unknown dijo...

me gusta tu blog!!muchas gracias guapa x lo el vestido!!te sigo!!

Unknown dijo...

Completamente de acuerdo, es símplemente perfecta!! Podría ponérmelo todo!!
Gracias por tu visita ;)

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