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Get The Look: Goo

Sonic Youth's sixth album, Goo, has one of the most iconic covers of music history.
This early 90's wonder can be found in most record stores and, if you are a music lover,
I bet you have had it in your hands thinking if you should buy it in that moment or not.

But in those moments when you were pondering if you should finally add it to your brand-new record collection or leave it for another time you come across it, you probably didn't realise you were looking
at an artwork inspired by a photograph of the witnesses of a serial murder case.

Sonic Youth have always liked to rely their covers to artists: Richard Prince, Gerhard Richter,
Richard Kern, Mike Kelley... This time it was Raymond Pettibon's work, known for his
comic-like drawings with disturbing, ironic or ambiguous text. He based this work on a
paparazzi portrait of Maureen Hindley and David Smith, witnesses in the trial of Moors Murders.

If you feel like today it is all whirlwind, heat and flash and you want to dress appropiately for it,
and a dark bob wig to become a real kool thing.

Kool Thing by Sonic Youth on Grooveshark

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Project Curve dijo...

i can see so many amazing and iconic movies and albums on your blog!
wanna follow each other?

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Unknown dijo...

Love the inspiration.....makes me want to tap into my dark side
Brooke @ what2wear, Monikabrooke.blogspot.com

face dijo...

great album for great band!ciao bella:)

Suvarna Gold dijo...

thx my dear :D

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Nika dijo...

I really like your blog! :)
Would you like to follow each other?

the chilicool dijo...

Love so much the coat!!!!




Antonella C’est Moi dijo...

Love so much the coat""!

RetroStreetStation dijo...

thank you for your lovely comment :)
I like your pictures. really inspirational :)

Mery Arbi dijo...

i love that kind of look but i've always thougth that i wont look look in that kind of look... :(


Satine dijo...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
Follow me via GFC and let me know,then I'll follow you back immediately :)

Unknown dijo...

Love this style... Have a nice day. Xoxo V.V.

Anna dijo...

this looks so badass...

Unknown dijo...

Love your inspired outfit--and the explanation is even more fab. That's such an iconic cover!

xo Mary Jo

Amy dijo...

cool look! great post!
xoxo, Amy

Catherine @ The Spring dijo...

black tutlenecks... always cool and so under-rated! Gonna pull mine out today!

Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

Sada dijo...

I had no idea about SY cover art! You are going to have me digging thru boxes shoved away (thanks iPod) to look at them now. Love your blog, so clever and intelligent.Thanks very much for visiting mine. I'm following...
Dressology HQ

Larissa @ Living in Color | A Lifestyle Blog dijo...

super super cute coat!! Love the ensemble you chose :) hey thanks for visiting my blog, dear! Would you like to follow each other? :)
xo, elle from Living in Color.

Monsterchen dijo...

oh i love love love that song! so great! and i need a houndstooth coat like that for autumn!;)
love and kiss,mary

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