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MET Gala 2012: Vintage Schiaparelli

This post is a expansion to yesterday's review of the MET Gala 2012.
Generally, it seemed like apart from the mature and experienced fashion insiders
-Anna Wintour specially-, almost nobody had a clue about who Elsa Schiaparelli was.
The closest they got to keep into account the Gala's theme was to wear a bunch of Pradas.

Luckily, looking through many image galleries I have found two tasteful ladies who wore vintage Schiaparelli dresses.

Farida Khelfa (left) and Linda Fargo (right).

And even though there is no reference to the male assistants in the previous post -mainly because they stuck to the classic smoking-, I have also found two gentlemen who added the surrealist touch to their outfits.

Cameron Silver with vintage Schiaparelli walking stick (left). Hamish Bowles with eyed loafers (right).

2 comentarios:

Fabrizia Spinelli dijo...

Wow, very nice photos, and great outfits! I like this post so much!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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ideassinvalija dijo...

Schiaparelli (? lo poco que se de ella, es malo, jajajaj i love Chanel! y Prada es increible :)

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