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The Hacienda’s 30th Birthday Celebrations Polo Shirts

The Hacienda, the legendary Manchester club who spread
the acid house, celebrates 30 years of its inauguration.

The Hacienda before the opening.

Founded by members of New Order and Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, The Haçienda was more than a nightclub. It was a concert hall, a café, a meeting of the tribes of northern post-punk England, a refuge and a catalyst for creativity. The club opened six days a week and did not understand music labels contributing to the eclectic musical scene. While in other parts of England people went to raves in fields, in Manchester they could dance under the roof of The Haçienda.

The Hacienda circa 1988

The disappearance
of the physical space has not prevented the celebration of 30 anniversary of the club. 21st of May marks three decades of its opening and that day a party 
is organized in the parking lot of the apartments that occupy the site. Also, the 2nd and 4th of June in Manchester, Laurent Garnier -a former Hacienda resident dj - will be in Sankey's club. All these events are accompanied by a photo exhibition and launch a collection of limited edition clothing.

As part of The Hacienda's Birthday, three special shirts designed by ellesse heritage are being launched.
As well as the Hacienda’s cedilla logo, individually designed tags and a canvas badge personally signed
by Peter Hook, the designs also feature branded brushed metal buttons made out of the very material that made up the Haçienda’s metallic floor. The "Label" "Legacy" and "Location" shirts, limited to 51 of each design, also come packaged with a surprise addition of a limited edition 12 inch vinyl which features specially commissioned Haçienda remixes.

Leo B Stanley wearing the Identity t-shirt in The Sunday Times in 1988.

There are some easier to get your hands on options if you want to endure The Hacienda's legacy with a piece of clothing. Here you can get a replica of the iconic "The Sixth Day" T-Shirt by Identity, first sold in Manchester's Afflecks Palace in 1988 and which became identifying symbol of the movement.

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face dijo...

great club the Hacienda's the sound of madchester happy birthday

Gummi dijo...

Genial la portada de Tilda para Candy y la editorial de V Spain... INCREIBLES LAS DOS! Besazos!

Unknown dijo...

Long live the Hacienda! I think I need to get my hands on one of those shirts!

xo Mary Jo

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