"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Guerrilla Girl

This V Spain editorial demonstrates how important is having a story behind a photoshoot so the
result is consistent and interesting. They are not just pictures of nice Céline, Ralph Lauren or
Margiela clothes on a beautiful blonde model -Edita Vilkeviciute this time-; they are a way to
narrate a story. I would say this is a socialité gone revolutionary tale, very much à la Patty Hearst.

This well-dressed rebellion pictures are dedicated to "all the courageous women who defend their ideals. They are masters of their own destiny, their voices songs that celebrate the beauty of freedom."
 And even though Edita gived us a powerful glaze, pulls off berets and holds a semi-automatic, there is still a melancholic and out of place vibe. Maybe it's hard to fight for equality while wearing Céline pumps.

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Unknown dijo...

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me gustaria mucho.
Saludo desde Italia ;-)

Mary dijo...

I love that picture with the gun on her hand! Gorgeous!

Darlene dijo...

Stunning photography! Thanks for sharing!

Danny dijo...

love when they try to tell a story. is so much interesting!

Charity dijo...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! i too believe that every photoshoot should have a story behind it!!!
much love
Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

face dijo...

i love guerrilla girl:)

tuttepazzeperibijoux dijo...

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tuttepazzeperibijoux dijo...

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Alice Oliveira dijo...

Nice post! I loved your blog :)



Virna Ívinna dijo...

Amazing!! I love the post <3

Style-Delights dijo...

Interesting spread and the model looks gorgeous!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog

Maria Bastida dijo...

honey!! thanks for your lovely comment, it made my day :D
Amazing editorial btw


I totally adore this editorial! Have a great weekend :)

Unknown dijo...

these are really lovely. not only are the photographs amazing, but the styling and model are lovely AND there is a thought out story behind them - they aren't just pretty photos for a pretty editorial.

thanks for sharing. saving these!

xx rae

pop on by if you have a moment, love!


Tanja S. dijo...

I really love this pictures! Amazing stuff :)

Cynthia dijo...

Now this is what I call an editorial!

Paper Moon dijo...

very beautiful. cant believe i havent seen this before xx

ROXY dijo...

love the picture :) love her!


Draffin Bears dijo...

Beautiful photos and editorial. Edita is such a pretty girl.
It was great to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.

Happy week

MELISSA H dijo...

lovely pictures!!


Asenla Jamir dijo...

Pretty blog :)

Following you,hope you can follow me back :)

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