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Vintage Photography: Marianne Breslauer

If you love photography and you feel melancholic at your most while you flick through
black and white pictures, I think you should check Marianne Breslauer's work.

Born in Berlin, she admired portrait photographers such as Frieda Reiss and André Kertész, but she always saw her future as a photographic reporter. She travelled to Paris and was Man Ray's pupil in 1929, in 1934 her photos were already being published in many leading German magazines. That same year, her photo Schoolgirls won the "Photo of the Year" award in Paris.

Marianne always confronted the anti-Semitic practices, that's why her employers wanted her to publish
her photos under a pseudonym.. As the strong woman she was, she refused to and decided to emigrate to Amsterdam, where she met her future husband, the art dealer Walter Feilchenfeldt. He was a brave soul too, in defense of the arts and the freedom. Walter had previously left Germany after seeing Nazis break up an auction of modern art. After the war, the couple set up an art business specializing in French paintings and 19th-century art.

 Her pictures release have a candid but fierce manner. Delicate, stylish and strong women who pass on a story, the story of their personal lives amidst the virulent time they had to live through.

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Katies dijo...

Greate photos:)

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} dijo...

So beautiful, I love it.

Darlene dijo...

Love your blog! New follower here.

The photography is beautiful!

Ni brujas ni princesas dijo...

I like the black and white photographs, nice blog, kisses ana.

Thing that I see Thing that I want dijo...


Muy buenas fotos. I love it.

Te sigo.

Gracias por tu comentario.

Un beso

Stacy dijo...

WOW. I love black and white pics.

x Stace

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Me encanto el blog!
Exelente post!
Ya te sigo! Me sigues??
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MuffinCannibal dijo...

Wow, beautiful photos <3
Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I've followed yours ;>


Eatlovemerry dijo...

What a lovely blog!

Joana Mendes Lemos dijo...

gorgeous photographs

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