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Gaultier Couture goes Amy

Jean Paul Gaultier with a model in the backstage.

Jean Paul Gaultier declared that, in his opinion, Amy Winehouse was the woman of the year. So the designer has paid tribute to the sweeping singer in Paris. Eyeliner, polo shirts or pencil skirts couldn't not be present; and given that it's Gaultier, the collection went a little Madonna in some bits.

But let's not forget it was an Haute Couture show, it was Amy's Gaultier version.
This means it paired her british streetstyle with the french high fashion, her trashy pin-up inspiration with precious materials, the teddy girl with the corsets.

First look of the show

 It is clear that Amy Winehouse has had quite an influence on fashion sector, her very personal style has been source of inspiration for many editorials, trends and outfits; she even collaborated with Fred Perry and designed a capsule collection herself. She's an icon, after all.

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Beauty_is_an_attitude dijo...

I really love this collection, though it's so sad...

femaleprint dijo...

I like you blog, your fashion suggests!
we follow you, you can see the new post in


Unknown dijo...

Love this collection!
Do you want to follow each other dear?

LOLA FINN dijo...

This is really cool! I love this style <3

Nestor dijo...

Love Milagros Schmoll & JP Gaultier.
Nice blog.


Carolina Aurélie dijo...

Nice collection. His inspiration is so obvious- like it!

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