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Sunny Afternoon

It's a fact, I have a soft spot for retro inspired spreads. That's why this one from L'Officiel Paris,
(which also has an amazing cover in the style with Chanel Iman) attired my attention so much.

L'Officiel Paris
photographer: Alexander Neumann
stylist: Vanessa Bellugeon
model: Luisa Bianchin

3 comentarios:

Leopard 'n' Deer dijo...

I'm really in love with fifties aesthetic!! Gorgeus shooting!!

Erika dijo...

In love with the shoes of second pic!


My Free Choice

Cecilie dijo...

Gaaaawd, this photoshoot is so gorgeous!!! <3 I love the retro style :) Super sweet blog honey!

- Cecilie [kjolehysteria.blogspot.com]

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