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Peek-A Boo

Who's this shy person hiding behind a fan Yves Saint Laurent is with?

It's a young and quite unrecognizable Karl Lagerfeld!

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Cool Vanity dijo...

It´s amazing how different he looks. Kisses.

fashion-meets-art dijo...

wonderful post. it's so interesting to see karl lagerfeld in this young years.
lovely greets and a wonderful weekend,
maren anita


Fash Boulevard dijo...

adore this. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post. xo


face dijo...

great photos.....great person!!!!

A BRIT GREEK dijo...

I love these oldie snaps! So chic!
Have a fun weekend beautiful!

David Toms dijo...

He was even more unrecogniseable without the pigtail!

Alessandra Mazzini dijo...

wooow he looks so different!!!


b e a t r i c e dijo...

wow, Karl. Great pics, dear!

Chantal | Blamethefireworks dijo...

Oh Karl Lagerfeld, what a hero. Btw, I love M83
Thanks for your comment.


Andy González dijo...

holaa! gracias por pasarte por mi blog! :) el tuyo me gustó mucho, ¿nos seguimos?
wow! no me di cuenta de que era karl lagerfeld! jajaj



Cuquete dijo...

Es Karl Lagerfeld antes de haber empezado su dieta a base de CocaCola light!!!

Monsterchen dijo...

oh gosh king karl the young looked really gorgous;) i can´t believe my eyes, where the hell you found this amazing pics darling?
love and kiss,mary

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