"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Triptychs of Strangers

Triptychs of Strangers is a continuing photo­graphic series by Adde Adesokan, where the goal is to “meet total strangers - get to know them - take three personality-matching body shots - make them one".

The Analog Lover

Thing that attired my attention the most about this project is, not only the great pictures he takes and the original triptych format, but the possibility of knowing more about the person who is portrayed.
Adde talks to all the people he stops, conversates with them.

The Hungry Typograph                    ///         The Sunday Faced Cupholder

So the result is not just a pretty picture of someone with great style, it's a portrait, an impression of the individual and the situation the pictures were taken in.
They make it easier to imagine them, their life or their personality, even their story.

The Prevented Smoker                   ///                          The ColorMatched

 In this post you can see some of my favourite ones.
Don't forget to visit the Flickr Site or the Official Website

The Grieving Sailor              ///                            The Player

Every triptych features a description "About the Shot" and another one "About The Stranger"
[If you click on each picture title you'll see the original picture and its description]

The Kharise Francis herself            ///             The Ageless Sunday Lady

France Got Talent               ///                         The Cyclist 

Photo credit: © Adde Adesokan 

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Haha..It is so funny. So clever post! Like it!

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most amazing idea ever - so personal and detailed. i totally have to follow up on this brilliant photographer!

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this is so great! Amazing pictures

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FAB post, awesome idea!! . :) thanks dear for your kind and lovely message on my blog.


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Such a great idea and post... This rocks!



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haha, wow! Very inspirational!
Great blog,

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very creative this post :)

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