"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


The White Tee

Film: "Rebel Without A Cause" (Nicholas Ray)
Costume Designer: Moss Mabry

T-shirt sales soared after James Dean wore one in this film.
Dressing down was suddenly more favorable than dressing up.

[This post is part of the Film Fashion Flashback section]

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MariaColomina dijo...

I love this post! thanks!

Puchi dijo...

Love the post! Love James...!

YouCanBe dijo...

what anazin pictures. Thanks for your comment in my blog. would you like to follow each other?

Unknown dijo...

James Dean!<3 he's the best! i want a man like this!!!compliment for your post!
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Ana dijo...

es una prenda tan simple y a la vez tan perfecta, a mi ver a un chico con ella me vuelve loca :P

Arianne dijo...

Awww this guy is super handsome! and the photos are amazing, so vintage :)
Following you now!
Much love,
Arianne, xoxo

Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) dijo...

LOve James Dean....!!!


Unknown dijo...

Thanks for the comment!
<3 I love the film and I love your blog too, it's amazing! so I follow your blog. Excuse me, I'm not really good at english, hope you undertand me :)
xx :)

lapetiteblonde dijo...

me encantan estas fotos!!
un beso=)

Reptilia dijo...

Me encanta! Tanto James Dean como la camiseta!

Gracias por tu comentario!!



Flaviana Boni dijo...

cool selection!

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wobblinbetty dijo...

well...he's hot
but white tee is a tricky subject, not many guys can wear it and still looking hot ! ;)

David Toms dijo...

I used to wear nothing but a white T for years as I always thought it was the ultimate classic!


Amazing pics!!


Joana Mendes Lemos dijo...

love james!!

F dijo...

i loved this movie :)

Monsterchen dijo...

oh james dean, no me sorprende que una chica con tan buen gusto y estilazo como tu tambien adora a james dean y dedica un post a su prenda favorita la camisa blanca;)
un beso mary

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