"Your clothes may say disco, but your eyes say rock'n'roll"


Is East London Dead?

Dazed & Confused May Issue tries to find where the creative area of the capital goes to.

"With the arrival of the Olympics in east London, the world's attention has turned to the creative
heartland of the capital. What does this mean for the artists, designers, musicians and publishers
making their mark here, who face rising rents and an endlessly increasing variety of artisanal coffee?
Dazed & Confused surveys those living and working in its own back yard, and asks 'Is East London Dead?' Inside, photographer Jamie Hawkesworth documents over 20 emerging talents from the worlds of
music, fashion, art, photography and literature, while we talk to artists, writers and venue owners
for their insights into how the area has evolved, and the challenges it faces"

About who's involved in this masterly cover: artist Theo-Mass Lexileictous is photographed
by Walter Pfeiffer. Robbie Spencer, Dazed senior fashion editor, is in charge for the styling.

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fashion-meets-art dijo...

artistical picture. love it. great artist.
maren anita

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Gummi dijo...

Genial el nuevo numero! Me encanta la portada! ;)

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