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She's always the one to blame (I)

A time ago i realised that the separation of many great bands has been attached to the romance of one of its members with a woman...actually i find this conviction kind of unfair...

i mean, i bet all those groups had already problems before the arrival of the "femme fatale", like drugs, alcohol, routine or fights for leadership...

Here the first examples of what i mean:


She was known as the long-term companion of Jim Morrison, vocalist of The Doors.
The relationship was stormy as both tender.
Morrison did not hesitate to interact with other women.

Morrison called Courson his "cosmic mate"
and dedicated his self-published books of poetry to her, as well many songs.
It was Pamela who partly influenced Jim to be exiled to Paris
with the idea of starting from zero without any problems, being a poet, not a rock star.
People thought she wanted to keep Jim just for her.

The band never accepted the presence of Pam in the tests, nor in the study, in fact, the Doors always saw Pam as an obstacle in the life of Jim.

On July 3, 1971 Jim Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of their apartment in the Marais district of Paris, France, where he lived with Pamela.

She died three years later that Morrison, by an overdose of heroin, in quite strange circumstances.
Friends who lived with her claimed that she told she saw the picture of Jim, and felt guilty about his death and had also she had widened her consumption of drugs.

At her funeral, the Doors asked that no one was dressed in black, perhaps by a request from Pam or simply formalities of the family of the bride, it is not known.

Ray Manzarek played a note of the song "Orange Country Girl,"
and other compositions that Jim had supposedly devoted to Pamela.
None of the attendees made a comment about how she and Jim lived or died,
people just went to his funeral and kept silent.

In her tombstone, appears with the surname Morrison,
as she had dreamed, to be the wife of Jim.

-Courson was portrayed by Meg Ryan in Oliver Stone's 1991 film, The Doors.

i'll post more examples of great women blamed for disolving bands soon! sorry, but today i haven't too many time.

Hope you like it! Have a great weekend!

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Lipstickforest dijo...

nice! i like this post lots/

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) dijo...

Excellent post! I'm particularly interested in how Patti Boyd almost ruined George Harrison AND Eric Clapton and, of course, Anita Pallenberg.
Great choice with Pamela, and I can't wait to see more installments of this type of post :)

Moonie dijo...

cool post i like it! Yoko yoko yoko always yoko!!!!!!!!!
Rock on my friend!

Sydneydoll dijo...

like yoko ono and the beatles.

Lapetitefille dijo...

por lo qeu parcee mucha gente del blog fue a cibeles..!! vaya! ajajaj que envidia.. como estuvo el de ailanto..??

Hummingbird dijo...

blondehaired! the thing is that you could be a model if you wanted! i´m back and feeling fine (almost) so no wonder at my surprise when i saw your pic. i´ll try to see you at CQC. i´m glad you enjoyed your catwalk-almost-model day!

beautiful post on jim and pamela, a sad lovestory, too. and i quite agree with you, and pamela looked sweet, didn´t she?

how´s your guitar going on?

a huge XX!

michelle dijo...

They are SO cute!

Andrea Martínez Maugard dijo...

I love this post so much. I'm really interested in knowing all kind of rock and roll groupies/girlfriends stories, it's really interesting and they had so much style too

Anónimo dijo...

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ZEPETIT dijo...

Such a lovely history...


Patri Jorge dijo...

lovely but a bit sad. On my opinion. I'm waiting for the next female to be the queen of your post. Regards, darling. Or greetings from the canaries.

ashleigh dijo...

great post.

i'm totally infatuated with the life of jim morrison, but i could never find a whole lot of pictures of him and pam.

yiqin; dijo...

Brilliant post! I personally prefer bands so I am always very upset when a band split up!

Diana Coronado dijo...

Su cabello es adorable, me fascinan los hombres así

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