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MET Gala 2011

Sincerely, i'm not a fervent follower of all the galas, red carpets and parties. I enjoy fortuitosly finding the most highlighted outfits and news, and envy all those wonderful gowns and dresses the celebrities wear.

Special case here is the MET's Costume Institute Annual Gala, i find amazing that they chose a topic every year (i guess i love theme parties) and i find it the perfect occasion to be more excentric, outstanding and wear all those dresses that, in another event, wouldn't look so classy and correct.

I had great expectations this year, being Alexander McQueen the honored one,
i was hoping to see an explosion of powerful outfits,
edgy looks and stunning people.

In other words, as the MET suggested,
i was expecting to see "Savage Beauty".

Image of the retrospective organised by the MET

Unfortunately, nothing so far. looks this year have been pristine:
but anything as prominent as the british designer deserved 
in his tribute party.

Don't get me wrong, i don't mean i didn't like the dresses and all that, i just thing they looked beautiful but forgettable, and i always expect this gala to bring out the most transgressor gowns.

[Click to see the red carpet beauties]

I must admit there were people who tried:

And people who didn't try much, like Alexa Chung,
who attended the event with a dress
that slightly reminded of the one she picked for Coachella.
(I'm sorry Alexa, but no)
Left: MET Gala    /    Right: Coachella

After all, i'll say i have two winners for last night,
both looking impressive and perfectly according to
what should have been the party's vibe,
drawing the line between a perfect gala outfit and a great fashion moment,
which was what the great McQueen did.

Hamish Bowles                    Karolina Kurkova

3 comentarios:

A La Mode dijo...

Alexa's dress was my favourite! She kept it real and true to her style. Plus I've been dying to see someone wear an outfit from Christopher Kane's latest collection.

Couture Carrie dijo...

Fabulous post, darling!
Love your red carpet selections, especially Karolina!


Sick by Trend dijo...

I love McQueen and I hope going to Ny to see the exhibition. Great post!


Have a nice weekend!


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