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Guide: Festival Bag

Probably the most difficult thing to choose when going to a festival is the bag you're going to wear.
Here you have some tips that may help you with this choice: 

  • Zip, closure... But it's vital that it can be closed properly given you're going to be jumping or pushing in the concerts. Also useful if you want to avoid the bitter surprise of finding out somebody stole your wallet...
  • Leather, brown or black, basic. Easy to clean and necessary because it goes with almost every look, so you will just have to bring one bag for all the days. Less bags in the case, more room for clothes!
  • Avoid hand clutch. Better if the strap is long, so you can wear it both in one shoulder or across-body.
  • Must be light. You're going to carry it the whole day, so its weight should be appropiate for that. Also, never carry too many things, you're not going to use half of them. 

Here you have some examples:

Alexa Chung prefers small ones
Kate Moss knows how to do it

Daisy Lowe

Agyness Deyn & Pixie Geldof

7 comentarios:

Akissfromthepast dijo...

the first picture is great- simple and cool bag :)

Rue des Modèles dijo...

Thank u! I'm following
I love Alexa's second bag =)

Anónimo dijo...

Great post, excellent advice for festival and concert going!

Amorisagr dijo...

I´ve a similar bag. i love it.

thanks for reading


Jane Alisa dijo...

I love Alexa's choice in bags. xoxo

Hello Naka dijo...

i love kate moss's bag i really want one exactly the same :p and great advice :)

Le Chic World dijo...

Love this!!! been looking everywhere for one :) xo

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