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Moss and Richardson are in a rush

Kate Moss and Terry Richardson, both one of the most acclaimed international
models and photographers, are the stars of the brand's promotional video.
Entitled The Great Escape, Terry Richardson, director and co-star, shows an exciting escape shot in emblematic locations of Paris, such as the Mini Palais, Place de la Concorde,
Place de l'Alma, Champs Elysées and the Centre Pompidou.

The end of the film, in which the model and the photographer act out an original scene, was shot and broadcast live to the MANGO fashion show at the Centre Pompidou in Paris,
allowing the guests to watch the end of the film.

4 comentarios:

vn dijo...

wow - that's so cool
great collaboration, always liked
his work
thanks for posting it, probably would never have seen it otherwise
- george


Flo dijo...

i love her!!

thanks for your comment, sorry for the late reply!!

pop me a visit if you have time :3

La mujer invisible dijo...

Me encanta! gracias por ponerlo :)

Lívia Salazar dijo...

just love it!


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