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You ain't nothin' but a Houndstooth

Wikipedia Definition: Houndstooth, houndstooth check or hound's tooth (and similar spellings) is a duotone textile pattern, characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colours are used.

Well, here are the news, this traditional scottish print is back and I think it'll probably be an important trend next AW season. You can already see it in loads of shops like Asos, Topshop and Mango.

Jonathan Saunder x Escada Croisière 2012

But, what's new now is the fact that you no longer have to stick to the sobriety of black and white, you can use in many colours and mix it with other patterns...

Erdem Croisière 2012

Or you can still wear it in the classic way Black and White and accesories

Here some ideas:


Asos                                                               Marc Jacobs (seen on Glee)

I like the young way Selena Gomez (on the left) wears it!

Other accesories

3 comentarios:

Lisa dijo...

This makes me all kinds of excited! I adore houndstooth (or dogtooth like we say in Scotland).

WIll be dragging out all my mum's old 80s gear for this autumn x


Dirty Closet dijo...

In Spain is called "pata de gallo"

Bianca dijo...

Thank you for the comment :)

I love your blog! am now following! If you could follow me back that would be amazing as I've just started!


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